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Area Showdown

April 11, 2010

For this year’s OAP, our school has chosen the poetic ‘Degas in New Orleans’
Just to end all mispronunciations, it is spelled phonetically: ‘DAY-GAH’.

We zoomed through zone and district competitions. This past Friday was the area competition, and I was a little worried. It was the first level in which we faced one of our competition schools: Leander. Their productions always look good and are technically stunning. It was a hefty opponent, and I knew I would have to work hard to win Best Actor.

We performed second out of four, a good spot to be in when the judge picks two shows to advance. As an ensemble, our performance that day was excellent, on the cusp of being our best yet. However, I know that I personally could have been better, which made me worry about my chances for Best Actor. At this moment I threw it all aside because I knew advancing was more important than filling my personal wants…no matter how covetted…

Leander fortuitously performed last, so we were able to change and watch their show.
Let me say only one thing before I say something Im not supposed to:
My worries subsided.

After their show, we had like a half hour to an hour to change into fancy awards clothes. We were surprised when, after a meagre twenty five minutes, we were informed that everyone was waiting for us to arrive to start the awards ceremony. The judge had made his decision quick. This could mean either something good or bad. We would soon find out.

The individual awards were underway, Temple grabbing two HM and two AS, as well as our sound man getting best tech.
It was down to best actress and best actor, and neither did my friend Gloria nor I obtained an award. Breaths became quick and shallow, legs did that twitchy jump thing: the realization of the possibility at hand. It was almost too much for me.

When they called both our names, I was ecstatic! My limbs tingled and I was worried my legs would give out. Note to self: next time sit on the aisle so as to avoid trampling people on the way back. I was proud of both myself and of Gloria, both with newlfound ambitious fire in our eyes.

Then it was time to announce advancing schools………

When then announced Temple first, it was a breath of fresh air. Waiting to be announced second is the WORST FEELING EVER! It’s the last chance and the pressure is definitely on. Thank goodness we were able to avoid this feeling. Unfortunately for leander, they did.
For videos of the awards ceremony, check out our website

So the next roud of competition is Region in two weeks at Baylor, where Leander and Temple(us) will be representing Area 2. More to come later.

Until next time,

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