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How I got a Job pt 1

April 13, 2010

Reflections on a job interview:

Showering may have actually been more important than sleep

I wish my car were Kip from Nightrider

Why aren’t my socks on?

I hope there isn’t Thai food in my teeth

Do I have Thai breath?

The manager may be in need of braces

He has a nice neck though

I wish I had been born earlier


That wasn’t so bad

I really hope I didn’t have Thai breath

I hope I get it

I wonder how much I’ll make if I do…

Main lessons learned: shower, pay attention, and remember it isn’t that difficult. I went in with a whole row of phrases and life skills I’d pretend I’d learned in Boy Scouts ready to use. Were any employed? No. But hopefully I still will be.

I want this job to work out. I want/need money. But I also want to be able to relax and hang out over the summer. Those on top of a summer musical? Maybe a little too much. I’m finalizing summer plans, and I’m thinking something’s gotta give. One thing is for sure: TRUE BLOOD KICKOFF PARTY. That is happening no matter what.

If this job doesn’t work out, I’m back to square one. I would be a librarian’s assistant, but being in Texas means some books are written in Spanish, so Español es muy importante. I hope that was right…

More to come on this. The manager (who I’m still undecided about in regards to attractive or not) is supposed to call me by Thursday. If not I’m supposed to… him? Maybe? I really should have paid more attention.

Until next time,


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