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English: a Glance Back pt 2

April 14, 2010

Like I said, I finished the last piece of literature of my highschool career. Today, we wrote our last in class essay in that same respect.

Let me begin with stating that the worst part of writing a bad essay is knowing it is bad whilst writing. I really had high expectations for this final essay, but I think I was doomed from the start. Before class began I yelled “Hey! Ms. Wood! Can you please make this essay easy?!”. While joking in intent, the English Gods frown upon begging askance. My fate was sealed.

Our prompt was something along the lines of “In plays, characters do not enter and exit the stage without adding some complexity to the plot and it’s movement. In respect to Waiting for Godot, compare the impact on meaning of some arrivals and departures”.

My eyes widened. My brain wept. I literally stared at the page for five minutes before realizing I HAD to write something. Anything. I know the product would be booty, but at least it would be something.
I eventually scribbled about how the characters made each other evaluate themselves and how the absence of an entrance of Godot was impacting to the plot. Or something. Typical bs booty essay. I hope the IB test prompt will be nicer to me.

Reflecting on English as a whole, I take you back to my first year with the fabulous Ms. Wood: Sophomore year. What was wonderful about sophomore English in Texas is that it mirrored to a great extent, with minor variances, the freshman syllabus from Alaska. So not only had I read most all of the pieces, I knew what discussion topics would be ahead of time to prepare. I was a clever nugget.
One thing that Texas is compelled to do is TAKS prep, and to get us in the zone for descripite personal narratives, Ms. Wood integrated ‘Tone Tunes’ into the curriculum. How they would work is that she’d play a song, and we’d map out different feelings we’d gotten from it and then form them into descriptive little stories that incorporated all five senses and matched the tone of the song.
Ms. Wood would also do them, but she told us that she wouldn’t share them because the goal was to get us ready. She just did them for fun. Well, it was only a matter of time before she cracked. During one, how shall I say, sensuous song, no one was really eager to share. Except Ms. Wood. When no one raised their hands to spill forth their song, she jumped right up to share.
The following was too graphic to post, but rest assured it was full of sleek, expensive cologne, plump, chocolate-covered strawberies and a hotel room. O . O
The year continued on, and at one point Ms. Wood had just heard that I was the lead in the musical. As I approached her room, she asked I do one more lap around the school’s first floor. Not a long walk, about 1.5 min. So I did. I figured she had to set up the room for class, and because I was usually the first kid to class, she wasn’t ready. It wasn’t until she asked me to do another lap that I became suspicious. After cirlcing a third time, I saw my friend Rachael (who starred opposite me) heading towards the room. I was confused because she normally had Polys fifth. Then it hit me. Thoroughly embarrassed, I walked in the room with Rachael along a red butcher paper carpet to my seat while the class clapped because they had to. I hated being put on the spot, but I LOVED being seen with super hot Rachael. I think I gained some form of respect. Thanks Ms. Wood!

Also: something I am trying with all my might to do is promote my Glee Audition video. You can vote here!
I recognize the video quality is terrible and my vocals are sub par, but I know if I can get a live audition, I’ll kill it! Please vote, it means a lot to me!

Until next time,


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