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YKAG Day 2

April 18, 2010

Just as an update, DAY ONE has yet to respond. I think it is due to the fact that I sent it to her school email, so I don’t expect a response til Monday. However in the meantime, I hold my breath every time I open my email.


For day two I figured that since the search for old friends didn’t work, why not crack open my yearbooks and look for some Alaskan friends I had not told. The person I settled on, let’s call him John, I assumed would have a Facebook. Indeed he had, but we were not Facebook friends. I decided that through Facebook would probably be the easiest way to contact and get a speedy response: I like to do difficult things with the ‘rip-the-bandaid’ mentality. As I was about to send the message, I looked at his profile pic and immediately got cold feet. Let me just say, he had gotten significantly more… athletic since last I saw him. I trashed the message. I’m not sure why. He will be one of my days eventually. I just think for now, to save peer humiliation and so that he doesn’t think I’m hitting on him, I’ll stick to teachers.

Day two was my 6th grade science/math teacher. She then graduated to my 8th grade history teacher. She was very good at what she did, however her methods were quite off the wall. I really did love her as a teacher. My favorite memory of her was in her 6th grade class and she played a mix CD of her favorite songs while we worked on this end of the year packet. It ranged from clean Alanis Morrisette to this German soft rock band (she was very worldly. Also: if you need a visual, picture Magic School bus’s Mrs. Frizzle with dark dark hair). She must have forgotten about track 11. Class was almost over by this time, and there was an immediate unanimous freeze of action amongst all us students as we listened to the lyrics:

I smoke two joints in the morning

I smoke two joints at night

I smoke two joints in the afternoon…. etc.

To be honest, my naive 6th grade mind was ignorant of what a joint was at the time, but I knew smoking was labeled bad by everything, so I knew it couldn’t be good. To Day two’s chagrin, she told my friend to turn off the cd player and instructed us to work in silence. However, immature 6th graders can’t help but laugh at something like this! Our chuckles began like the slow clap in an arena, and were stopped by only the release bell. Ah, middle school… Shaping young minds…

Until next time,



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