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YKAG Day 3

April 18, 2010

Updates: no one has responded yet. I feel fine, but the silence is unnerving. This is more personally taxing than I thought.


Again I tried to contact John as mentioned in Day two, but again I lacked the resolve to follow through. He will be contacted, if it’s the last thing I do.

Instead, because of the wedding yesterday, I’ve decided to follow the wedding theme. DAY THREE is my old priest from back in Alaska. Being a priest, he’s done many weddings.
Why DAY THREE is important to me is because, in contrast with the schmuck I’ve got down here, he found the levity in the gravest situations and preached hope and love rather than fire& brimstone. Of all my past pastors, he is always the one I liked the most. I don’t really have a specific story to go with him because apart from being in his congregation I didn’t personally know him. I wish I had known him better, but I think that for the people you idolize it’s harder to approach and speak to. I’ll tell you right now if Britney Spears walked in the building, I’d FLIP! but probably would be too afraid to say anything. So in that way my priest was like Briney Spears. He was the pop princess of the diocese.

I hope that wasn’t blasphemous.

Tune in next time,

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