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YKAG Day 4

April 19, 2010


this is not going well for the moment. I’m sticking it out though.


Today was a particularly stressful day. As is normal, my weekend procrastination left ne in no way prepared for class today. I was able to barely pull through without completely falling apart. So for today I’ve decided to write to someone who I always believed to show a great amount of grace under pressure.
DAY FOUR and I were in each other’s lives for only my freshman year of high school. Back at the ol’ CHS, she taught me Bio I. This was during my academic period I like to call the ‘i didn’t so much try hard because I didn’t think it was important’ period. Quite a mouthful, yes, but I thought it was more appropriate than ‘the lazy dumbass years’.
Anyways, I had her class 7th hour. Last class of the day. You can imagine my borderline ADHD freshman mind had checked out by that time of the day. However, DAY FOUR had the patience to effectively deal with my lackluster efforts in the class.
One thing about her that really stuck out to me was our virus unit that mostly focused on AIDS. Still deeply suppressive and closeted about myself, I was completely and utterly ignorant about the disease. I honestly wrote it off as a gay disease and I couldn’t ever get it because it was so terrible it didn’t seem real. O yeah, and I wasn’t gay. So the two combined made it unthinkable. However this mindset for me was changed during the unit, specifically when we watched “And the Band Played On”. The movie shared a powerful message, and I think one with a progressive aim. DAY FOUR also seemed to realize this, crying at it’s conclusion. I feel like she must have watched the movie every year, so the fact that it still hit her gives me hope. (I know the purpose of the project is to reach out to people who might be against, but I’m in the mood for support now)
Back to the part about grace under pressure, is that she was fighting cancer the whole year. She didn’t tell us until well into second semester. Without doing so, we would not have known. I think the only reason she did tell us is to explain the wig/ball cap. For me, having somethig like that would completely throw me, but her strength in the toughest times has pushed me to better myself.

Tune in next time,


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  1. April 19, 2010 11:46 pm

    i understand the A) frustration of no replies – kudos for sticking with it and B) the adhd nature of last periods!

    • April 20, 2010 11:20 pm

      I got a response! So relieving. I thought for a while ex Gov. Palin caught wind and blocked me from the state

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