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The Telephone Hour/YKAG Day 5

April 20, 2010

Today was a good day.

The T-Monster was relatively tame, I was on top of school, and even managed to make it home in time to discuss college finances and new cell phones. P.s. I HAD THAI FOOD FOR LUNCH =D

Speaking of cell phones, I’ve been needig a new one for a while. My past one was broken to where the screen only worked in the second quadrant (go back to algebra if you missed that), so calling and texting had become, in a word, inconvenient. Now with the new phone, not only would the whole screen work, but also it was a blackberry! I was about to burst into Everything’s coming up Roses because of the day’s events.
That is until my dad’s practicality killed my dream. He decided to maximize battery life, we needed to let the phones charge for 12 hours. BOOOOO.
But I’m clever like Brer Rabbit. However my ruse to mess with my phone tonight turned into Tar Baby.
Firstly, never attempt to impersonate your father. Especially when the call is being taped. And when they catch you.
In order to use a new phone, it must be activated. To do that, you have to call customer service. When you do that, they ask you to provide a P.I.N. number. O . O


Secondly, if something bothers you and you can logically defend yourself, SPEAK UP! Because I thought I was so smart to wait til night to figure it all out, I have to run by the Sprint store before school tomorrow. Big Booty.

We’ll see how this ends up.


Updates for YKAG:

I recieved my first response today from day Two, including a picture from my first play, an update, and then a message of puzzled concern. She was unclear as to why I was letting her know, and that if I was facing immediate trouble. I replied with no to the latter, and from now on I need to make my intent even more clear


For day five I wanted to go with someone I felt it would be easier to talk to, that way I wouldn’t get caught up in formalities and actually strike the message of the project.

For day five, I’ve chosen one of my vest friends of the fifth grade (get it, becaue the number 5 is the same as fifth?!?). Day five and I had so many memories together. Ninety percent of which centered around Spongebob. Spongebob at this time had just come into his stride, and had a very dear place in our hearts. I remember buying countless Spongebob manuals and handbooks and posters and chapter books from elementary school book orders. Maybe if I hadn’t bought them I could afford college…
I’ve also decided that I had a crush on her at the time. True or not, I think it makes my history more exciting.
I remember one time we were off task and discussing Spongebob facts. Then, in a fit of childlike need for superiority, she asked me a question from which I could never recover: what is inside Patrick’s bellybutton?
I knew lint for sure.
I thought the paperclip was a possibility.
The element thy threw me off: the movie ticket stub.
After shamefully admitting I didn’t know, they laughed at me like children do. But I didn’t mind because I was laughing too.
We ended up going to different middle schools, so drifting apart was inevitable. I hope my message does not come as strange, being after estrangement.

Tune in next time,


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