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YKAG: 6-16

May 1, 2010

As I said before, my life has been pretty stressful as of late so I’m taking this brief pause in action to catch everyone up with what I’ve been up to.

Firstly, I am proud to inform the world that WE’RE GOING TO STATE IN ONE ACT! An excellent way to cap off my senior year I believe. I didn’t win best actor at the latest level though. Kinda bummed. Though I think it went to the other guy because his school didn’t advance, sort of like an ‘almost-but-not-quite’ victory for them. Oh well. I’ve got my eyes on the prize at state!

AP/IB testing starts Monday, so partly I’ve been super busy because of studying extra on top of preparing for state. I’m really only nervous about my history test. Cramming for that will ensue shortly.  I’m terrified for my Latin test. I’ve got the essay portion down, its just the dang multiple choice that gets me. We’ll see what happens with those.

I have less than twenty days left in school. I’m still not quite sure how I feel. I have twenty more days to build and feed relationships with these people before we all separate. While this feeling is alarming, I noticed the other day that I really only have cultivated bonds with a select few. I have met and could consider many of my classmates friends, but a small group only could I really miss after we leave.

.enough of that.

Another feeling I have felt lately, most likely triggered my my YKAG project, is immense nostalgia for the people I left behind in Alaska. The thought of ‘I wonder what I would be like, had I stayed’ is constantly flowing through my mind.  I’ll never know, but its fun to imagine.

Speaking of YKAG, I am ten days behind (if you count today, it is eleven).  For the record, I have emailed all of them, just not blogged. So here it is:

A problem I have found with my strand of the project is that I am out and have been since my sophomore year. Go progress! However, this severely limits the people I can contact. I am forced to recall people from Alaska when I wasn’t out, and on top of that I moved a fair amount so it isn’t like I had a deep impact on my classmates from kindergarten.

I’m finding a way though, and to expedite the blogging process I’m going to quickly summarize my contacts by category. This one is for the teachers I have contacted since the last blog, along with their respective days. Send in the Teachers!

DAY EIGHT was my seventh grade English teacher/play director.  She directed such hits as Lucky Dollar: Private Eye and co-directing The Secret Garden. I contacted her on this day because I felt it would be good luck on our OAP competition day, which it turned out to be.

DAY NINE was my third grade teacher/former Miss Alaska(I’m for real here). She did a cartwheel in a dress for us for getting all our state info cards in first. She also battled breast cancer. I wrote to her on this day because it was the Saturday of our local Relay for Life. I did a lap for you.

DAY TEN was my fourth grade teacher. We didn’t get along at first (I wrote a thinly veiled story in which she intentionally killed my dog so we sent her to jail). By the end of the year we got on quite well. I wrote to her on this day because it was the day after I contacted my third grade teacher, so fourth grade, naturally, would follow (look at me using my TAKS math/reasoning skills).

DAY ELEVEN was my eighth grade video tech teacher. It was actually pretty cool because every day during first hour we’d record a news show and it would play during third period. I knew my journalistic skills would shine through (at this point in my life I wanted to be the next Matt Lauer. But I wanted to keep my hair). I wrote to her on this Monday because she is who I’d see first every Monday morning

DAY TWELVE was never my direct teacher. He taught at my elementary school and was the head wind for the school newspaper. He selected two people to be reporters from each 5th and 6th grade class. I was the on the very first newspaper team with him. I wrote such investigational news articles such as Why is the Water Fountain Water Yellow? However, due to the nature of the article, it was never published. I wrote to him on this day because there was a big stink at the school when in a letter to the editor the local water park operator exposed the lies about the planning for the senior picnic. I wonder what my hard hitting article would have done…

DAY FIFTEEN was my Alaskan high school choir director. He was excellent in his work and he promised me a seat in the advanced show choir (titled Swing choir) for my sophomore year. O wait…. I moved…. C’est la vie. Im currently in my show choir here so its all good. I wrote to him last night because it was the first night of my last Poly show(we’re called the Polyfoniks).

For DAY SIXTEEN I’ve rounded off the music department of my Alaskan high school. He was my band director. There was conflict with him and some students that shall remain nameless, but overall I really enjoyed him as a director. That conflict escalated after I moved (not because of it) and he was strongly encouraged to resign. I think he and his family have moved to Washington state so I’ll have to do some investigation into his whereabouts.

So that’s it with the teachers. I’ll do another post later today about everyone else I am behind on.

Stay Tuned,


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