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YKAG: an Update on Updates

May 2, 2010

So my responses, while sparse, are still there and for the most part are very supportive. The following is what I’ve gotten back:

DAY TWO like I said earlier

DAY THREE sent me a very long and I feel thoughtful email, admitting he wasn’t an expert on LGBT issues but he was on the spiritual ones. Maybe we could educate each other.

DAY FOUR responded with a brief but excited note. She didn’t say anything on the subject, just that some people must not have remembered to be nice to everyone. Little victories I feel.

DAY FIVE, through the wonders of Facebook responded quite quickly saying that it’s all good and that she knew all along. I really wish she had told me, it would have saved me some self discovery.

DAY ELEVEN was the first proud response I’ve recieved. She told me to come visit her sometime and that she is proud of me for stepping out and speaking about this issue. Makes the whole thing for me worth it.

DAY FOURTEEN, in a stunning turn of events, added me as a friend on facebook. No reply, just friend request. Though I still hope some sort of message is on the way, I feel the friend request counts for something.

I hope to recieve more before I leave for state thursday morning so I can post them up.

Stay tuned


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  1. May 2, 2010 10:07 pm

    It’s so great to hear about all of your feedback!

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