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Swallowed in the Sea

May 9, 2010

I feel terrible this morning for a cornucopia of reasons.

It’s mostly because last night was the state one act play meet and also the state design contest. I got fourth in theatrical design, which was surprising and very exciting. Our design assignment was to design the costumes, set, and publicity campaign for Sophocles’ Antigone in anything BUT the original Greek. Our group decided to go with Czarist Russia, pre-revolution. I was in charge of the set and I’m pretty proud of what I did, but being my first ever design attempt I was not expecting any recognition. It was pretty cool. However this was to be my only accolade of the night. Although we had a great show, we did not place and I, personally, did not receive an award. I’m not going to use this space for extensive whining. I’m going to leave it as I’m depressed on the turnout and disappointed with myself.


Now that One Act is over, save a final performance on Tuesday, I’m kicking school and IB into high gear. This week, I have tests on every single day. Can you say PARTAAAYYY?!?
yeah, me neither. English is tomorrow, and I’m not really that nervous and worried. However on Tuesday and Wednesday I have history, which I am mostly terrified about. I’m glad in dramatic lit we just finished the History Boys. Provided much needed inspiration for me. Do you think if I copied their WWII theory the IB graders would notice? History isn’t the only big test this week. I’m pretty sure that my AP Latin: Vergil test on Friday will be the most difficult test I have ever taken. I’ve worked hard all year and have been cramming so much as of late, I’m pretty sure I’ll pass. But who knows. We’ll see what happens.
On top of all of this, we have this mostly stupid seventh period acting show. In the past, our director has always had us working on them half-assed so that we never actually legitimately did them. This year, it seems as though we might. I’m doing all that I can in order to impediment the show. This year she has chosen this crazy play called Chemical Imbalance. Funny script, but it’s my senior year. IDONTNEEDTHISCRAP. I really am dreading working on it, and now that one act is over we’ll probably work on it every day. I’m thinking if I can just delay work this next week we’ll be in the clear. I’ll keep you posted.

My search for a job has been slowed to a halt. I was going strong, but then one-act got in the way. Plus, I’m not eighteen, so my choice jobs are either filled up or not available to me. I’ll keep you posted.

With all of this stress compounded currently, I cannot help but dream of summer. So far, I have these to look forward to:

  • ITF- International Thespian Festival, Lincoln, NE. I’ve got a scholarship audition and Group Musical Competition. I’m ready to rock and roll! Not to mention all the great shows and dances included with it
  • True Blood Premiere Party – I.LOVE.TRUEBLOOD! With the premiere of its third season in June, my friends and I are having an awesome costume party to really kick things off with a bang.
  • Birthday Weekend – For my big 18th, my mom said I could take three friends with me to either Austin or a Gulf Beach for a weekend. I haven’t yet decided where I want to go, but either place I know I’ll have fun

As summer gets closer, I can assure you that more things will be added to the list. Updates will be posted as they are received.

Also: I feel like I am doing a pretty half-assed job with keeping up with the YKAG project, so I am putting it on a temporary hiatus until school gets out. I want to make sure that I can really commit myself to it instead of just sorta doing it with no meaning to it.

It’s Mother’s Day, and I have yet to do somethig for my mother who has stood with me through everything. Last night she was really a trooper. I think I might take her out for dinner or something. That sounds like a plan.***UPDATE*** Dinner did not work out. Instead, we all cramped on the couch and watched Newsies. Christian Bale is SO LITTLE in it!

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