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Sunday Afternoon Fever

May 13, 2010

One thing I love to pretend to be good at is dancing.

In pursuit of this passion, (I should really call it a hobby because I am not very dedicated an not very good) I have been taking dance classes for the past three years under the crazy and brilliant Joanna Langthorn. She danced and sang on Broadway in the original production of A Chorus Line. Now that’s legit. It’s a ball.
Last year I was at the centre of our ominously foreshadowing performance of Thriller (we did it exactly one month preceding the fateful day—don’t stop til you get enough, right?). This year we are doing this ¿Fosse? piece. I think. Whoever choreographed it was crazy. The piece is called ‘Crunchy Granola’. Craaaaazzy. I swear. Anyways, our show is on Sunday and I’ve only just started learning it last night. O . O
Yeah, we’ll see what happens.
The other piece I’m a part of is this original piece by Joanna. EVEN CRAZIER. I think to cover up the fact that this class(the two dances are from two different classes) is not very good at dancing, she is giving us all these random props to cross stage with and all of these non dance moves to do. At one point I cross with an orange boogie board and an oversized pair of neon yellow sunglasses. I look super fly. She calls it the bad dancer dance. When asked if that referred to our dance characters or us, she gave us brownies and lemonade. Answer enough for me. Obviously it was just the characters.

So the show is Sunday afternoon. I’m excited and nervous.

Stay tuned,


P.s. I shaved today. I look like a normal high schooler again!!

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