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Summer (Lack Of) Livin’

July 5, 2010

I feel that in order to appropriately post something to a blog, you have to have accomplished something or at the very least participated.

Thus, why I haven’t in quite a while.

Like I had written earlier, I put everything on hiatus while finishing up school and graduation things. That was back in the first week of June (graduated on 6/5 suckas!). Since then, not much has happened, but here is the update:

  1. I applied for nearly every job in a fifteen mile radius, effectively gaining zero
  2. I went to ITF in Lincoln, NE where I competed for a scholarship and Mainstage performance opportunity. Again, I’m still batting zero
  3. I decided to do this summer show in Salado named (originally enough) Salado Legends

My Six Degrees of Separation didn't help me get my scholarship

What Legends is in a nutshell is a show glorifying/dramatizing the origins and traditions of Salado, TX. Just my cup of tea, right? No. Not exactly. My main motivations in pushing through is that the rehearsals are short and limited, I get to hang out with a group of friends that I became slightly estranged from because of end of the year hassles, and I really need this money for college.

Also: because this would be considered my ‘job’, I could finally order my laptop!

Thanks to the good, gracious, and plentiful pocketbooks of all the family friends I could remember even remotely, I have summed up quite the cool stack of cash…well, mostly its been in checks but please keep up with the metonymy, k? Anywho, I have a lot of money, and since I’m no big interior design buff, I really could care less what my dorm looks like, so most all my money is going into the laptop 🙂 . I have it all picked out, I just need the parents to OK everything. Hopefully with a laptop I can blog more often without the parents’ attempted discreetly over the shoulder  reading. [I literally just had to tell mom to get away] It’s not that I don’t want them to read it because in actuality I hope they will once I leave for college. However, it’s just one of those things where you don’t like people watching you work, you know? So blogging will start back up again, and hopefully so will site traffic. I’ve had one view in the last three weeks. I can’t say that I didn’t expect it though.

Crap. I’m rambling again. OK, well, what were my intentions for this blog?

  • Update on summer non-activity – Check
  • Update on blog start up – Check

Well, I suppose I’m done here. I have my first rehearsal tonight, so hopefully things will rev up. My idyllic summer has yet to shape up to be so, but I’ve still got time. There’s such a lot of livin’ to do!

Stay tuned,


O! One last note: Part of how I log time is that I make a playlist for each month of the year. I’m going to start listing the playlists on a page, updating when I add a song.

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