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Death of an Ad-Salesman

July 9, 2010

If you haven’t seen Waiting for Guffman, run to your local movie rental place before it goes out of business and rent and watch it right away.

If you have seen it, re-watch it.

Ladies and Gentleman, let me tell you that the community theatre environment I have become a part of is identical to that which is depicted in the movie. Almost each character of the movie has three or four mirror images that are a part of the Salado Legends cast and crew. However this time we’re not trying to impress a ‘Guffman’. This is just how the people are. Signs that show you are in bad community theatre:

  1. The local weatherman has a featured role
  2. An actor has done his part for eighteen years
  3. Parts are re-written to accommodate actors who ‘deserve’ the part, but can’t quite  deliver
  4. The show was written by the costumer

I could continue, but I don’t want to be bogged down by negative energy. The thing pulling me through the entire ordeal: $cholarship money. Kids who are in the show who will be/are attending college are eligible to receive scholarship money. The amount of which depends on how much work the actor or actress has put into the show. One sign of work is ad sales. The more program ads they sell, the more money that is available to give out. Also, whoever sells ads looks better in the director’s eyes. So it is my mission to sell so many ads the program will be in two volumes. I got some problems though.

Firstly, the initial ad sale deadline was July 1st, but seeing as I joined in on the 5th, it was extended. I only realized today that the extension period ends the 9th. AKA today. I haven’t quite sold any ads. Yet. I’m going to talk to the director about it tonight when I go into rehearsal to see if I can at least have an extension to Monday.  If I can get it, I’ll have to hustle hard. this leads into my second problem: I don’t know how to sell an ad. I mean, we used to do it in high school for our musical programs but I never worked on publicity crew. I called our school’s publicity guru to ask for advice and she outlined how to begin talks, but not how to seal the deal.  I really need to crack open How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying because I looked to Arthur Miller already and it was NOT uplifting.

We’ll see what happens. I don’t know if I’ll even need to worry because I might not get the extension. meh.

After rehearsal tonight I’m going to my first social function of the summer (excluding softball and ultimate frisbee games). I feel I am long overdue. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet someone cool and exciting. Or maybe I won’t.  Watch what happens.

Tune in next time,



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