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The Show MUST Go ON!

July 26, 2010

Well, hello there. It’s been a while.

Since last time, I have:

  • I sold an ad! OK, I didn’t really make the sale, my friend’s grandmother offered to buy one when she heard of my plight. But that doesn’t matter. An ad was sold in my name, so I get major brownie points with the producer 🙂
  • Found a bunch of new songs to update the TrentonianFM page. Check that out!
  • I got a laptop! I’ve been playing with it non stop for a couple days now. Real excited. So many new features! Also: for mac users: Transmission works much better than bittorrent on macs. I spent a whole day figuring that one out.

Also, performances of Salado Legends have begun. This past Friday was our invited dress, and excluding some minor technical mishaps and actor mind blanks (real Broadway quality, we got here), the show actually went pretty well. I was invited to go to this party afterwards, but seeing as I’m on heavy medication for strep/pain, I had to pass on this one. The next day was our first performance for a paid audience. But this one would face challenges we could not see the night before.

Saturday. 2 PM. I’m sitting at my new laptop trying to transfer music files (for this I recommend a program Senuti). I get a call from my friend in the show who plays Lucy, the female lead. She tells me “Andrew is sick, wanna learn his part for tonight?”

O            .            O


After I freaked out a little, we all agreed to meet at her house to damage control & plan for the performance. At this point all we know is that he is sick and in pain, but still wants to do the show. So we tentatively start practicing. I wouldn’t cover his part because it was too large a part for me to cover, only having been a part of the show for three weeks. I would cover Lucy’s brother while he covered Andrew. Seemed like it would work if it had to. But only barely if it had to. I headed home to complete a scholarship essay real quick before heading out to Tablerock. I get in my car to head out to her house (I couldn’t drive myself all the way, I was on some nice pain killers my lovely doctor prescribed 🙂 ), when I got a text from her reading that the guy playing Andrew was on his way to the ER. No way out now.

Once at Tablerock, I quickly marked through all my blocking for the first and only time before the show. I ran through all my lines with the assistant director, who was very supportive and gave me a nice pep talk. Also, he let me know that the other actors would take care of me. If I needed to be somewhere, they’d help guide me. Whoa, sophisticated acting? What? Surprised me.

Then it came. Show time.


I honestly can say that I don’t remember very many details of the show, because my mind was all over the place and every time I got backstage I was glued to the script. However, I know that I’m not lying when I say I did a really good job. I am really proud of my performance. I was able to do the whole show with less than five overall mess ups, which I think were hardly noticeable. You know what stepping up and pulling something crazy off for the good of the show means? MORE SCHOLARSHIP MONEY! Since this is the filler for what my summer job was supposed to be, that’s always a good thing. I might have to do it again, because it turned out the kid playing Andrew had Appendicitis. Ouch. He got it taken out that night I believe or early that next morning, but he”s out now and trying to heal up for this Saturday. I was told to stay on book in case he wouldn’t be able. We’ll see how that goes.

O yeah, and my birthday was yesterday. I hate birthdays. More on that later.

Stay Tuned,



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