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I’m Sporty!, Zelda Makes Me A Better Person, & Making Bank as an Actor

August 6, 2010

The amount of time I’ve done things in the past few days has surprisingly outweighed the time I’ve just sat around waiting for Godot. So much so that it is to the point where I wanted to write a post last night, but my late night arrival (which I will elaborate upon later) spurred me to a much deserved sleep after a busy few days.

Sleep to someone like me is a precious thing not to be wasted. I’m Gollum without it (see what I did just there with the precious and then the Gollum?). I am a champion of excessive sleeping. I woke up today at 3:10. In the afternoon. There is no kidding in the fact I’m really proud of my accomplishment.

Let me start at the beginning to justify this rest-overdose:

Because of Legends, I haven’t been able to make it to a lot of my softball games. In fact, there is one tonight that I’ll be missing because of a pick-up rehearsal I have tonight. But on Tuesday night, the field was mine! Ok, maybe not exactly, but if I was coach, I would have awarded myself the game ball. For most improved. And best hay/jersey coordination.

We were home team for both games, meaning we played the field first and batted second for all you lesser sporty beings. When going to field, I am proudly a resident of the outfield. However, for this game we had more people than expected (probably because I actually showed up) and so two people had to sit out and be subbed in later in the game. Guess who was resident benchwarmer.

I’m not ashamed of my position. Someone has to do it, and I would rather it be me who really doesn’t care than cause trouble when someone who values the game highly complains. So I sat on the bench. Because of my ever-chipper attitude, my cousin and I discussed the perks of being a benchflower. For one, I hadn’t made any errors in the game yet. Being off the field keeps me from messing up on the field, so I was the only player to have a perfect record going into the 4th inning. Also, I hadn’t struck out, or gotten out for that matter either. Being on the bench put me at the last spot of the batting roster, so I didn’t bat for a while.

But this is the part of the tale that Lifetime movies are made of.

I didn't let anyone mess with my swing

The first time I went to bat……. I hit the ball! And it didn’t end up being a foul ball! While the force of its outward movement from my bat was borderline bunt-ish, it was in bounds and I made my way to first base. First time of the summer! [that may or may not have been more impressive if I was able to say that in June rather than August…] And the good times continued to roll! I wasn’t the first one on base of the game, but I was the first person to touch home base and score a run! At this point I was convinced it was a fluke, but I was really ok with it.

After my breakthrough performance at bat, I was put in for left field. Wtf? LEFT field? I had never played left field. I played right field for years, tried my luck at center a couple times, but NEVER left field. I was terrified my lucky streak had ended.

And it had.

To be fair, the conditions were hardly good. The mosquitos had rolled into town and the head was in triple digits with the sun down. So I had that going against me. I wasn’t bad, I just wasn’t good. I fumbled a lot that came to me. After my field mess ups, I was determined to redeem myself once again.

Have I ever mentioned that I have incredibly bad batting anxiety? I was never good at batting, and when extra pressure, personal or environmental, is added I usually flop. The goddesses must have looked kindly upon me tonight because I hit the ball again! This time it was a line drive out past the third baseman. I made it on base again, and I thanked my lucky stars. Soon after we got our third out, and so no more runs for me. I went back out onto the field and continued my fumble-streak. It’s like the opponents knew I was bad so they all hit out towards me. We finished the game 4-13. We did not, how you say…win.

The second game was better for me but worse for the team if that is even possible. Because I don’t wish to drag it out like the game itself, I’ll put it to you plain: we lost 28-3. I personally batted and fielded only once. But boy, both times I killed it! I first went out into the field. I didn’t make any impossible catches reminiscent of Angels in the Outfield but I didn’t fumble even once, and trust me, us outfielders were busy. Then I got up to bat. The previous game had made me bold, so I walked to the batter’s box brimming over with confidence. I hit that ball right past the second baseman and made it to first base. This was tricky because all their players were excellent at fielding the ball, so making it on bas was a neat accomplishment. However, when the woman behind me hit the ball I made it safely to second, but my forward momentum propelled me beyond the base once I was on and then was tagged out, ending the game. I’m still proud of myself for hitting the ball. And making it on base. Where’s my MVP trophy?

I had thought of making a post about life lessons made clear by the game, but a) that theme has been tired out by too many bad movies and b) I have too much else to cover. Onward to the next topic!

Part of being the awesome big brother that I am is making up for lost time and time to be lost with my little sisters. Before I leave for college, I have promised to beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess while they, my trusty comrades/faithful audience/strategy consultants, watch with exuberance and delight.

The game IS as epic as the picture suggests

I have to say, it has been really fun playing the game as well as having some really cool sibling bonding time right before I leave. I love having them laugh at me when I get a game over and I love how they want the best for me (even going so low as to look online for the solution if it meant overcoming an obstacle). It has brought us close together and going on this journey with them that is our own and no one else’s gives us this one thing that is special to us and that we’ll always have together. The summer we beat Zelda.

Because this theme hasn’t been tired out by ANY movies, I will list the things playing Zelda has taught me:

  1. Be open to the advice of others. Just because you can’t quite follow the logic doesn’t mean it isn’t a possibility. Just because to you it doesn’t make sense to roll into the side of pillar doesn’t mean the chest holding the small key [only for use in this area] won’t fall down if you try. You will be amazed at the time saved by just trying out a suggestion than going all out to find a more logical alternative.
  2. It is ok to put something down when necessary. I played the game for a week and let my responsibilities pile up outside the door. There comes a time with everything when you have to step back and say, ‘Should I really be doing something else right now?’. If so, get to it so you can make a quick return! If not, carry on. It is great to find something you love to do, but remember your life outside of it. Also, isn’t something more fun when you have it in doses instead of all the time?
  3. Things are never as they seem, so be open to adapt to change. There have been two times so far during gameplay that I swore the game was over, then a twist in the plot unraveled and another facet of the journey had begun! Life is a perpetual plot twist, and the readiness to react to change is sometimes a life-dependent skill, whether the twist mean something as loud as a natural disaster or as quiet as sudden unemployment.  You never know when your enemy will have fire arrows, so it is best to have rupees to buy that iron shield rather than the wooden one.
  4. Cheats leave you unfulfilled. I must admit we did consult an online walkthrough when stumped by a particular puzzle. We finished it and moved on. Later, we were confronted with another puzzle of the same sort, however, this time I told them not to look for help. When we finished it together, I could see the pride in their eyes from helping me to the solution. There isn’t a walkthrough to life, but there are opportunities to cheat things to get your way. I can only say that the only deserved fate is the one you earn by your deeds, and if cheating is the way, you’ll be cheated in the end.
  5. There was another, but I forgot it. If I remember it, I’ll write it here.

I have yet to finish the game, and I feel there are many more lessons to be derived from it. Hopefully this knowledge will be passed to my sisters in my absence.

I had to put the game down yesterday to get ready for my last day of filming. Let me tell you, guys, it was a doozy. I get tired just thinking about it, so I’m not going to write much other than the stats, and some pictures.

First off, call was at 7:30 PM. I left at 4:00 AM. And that was considered three hours too early.

But I did get paid. $1. Look out Angelina, looks like I’m about to top the Forbes list.

Stay Tuned,


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