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Seven Days; or Why I Love Crossroads

August 11, 2010

In seven days I will be waking up early and driving to Memphis for day one of the two day journey to the next phase of my life.

Thinking about this, as well as typing it, sends panic through my system. Seven days? Is that it? I have so much that I want to do still. Seven days isn’t enough time. This makes me curse my earlier attitude of just doing nothing in the guise of relaxing and enjoying my free time.

One thing that my sister has done to kind of organize my last days here is create a sort of bucket list for my remaining time. The list is as follows:

  1. Go to Summer Fun (local waterpark)
  2. Tie Dye Shirts
  3. Beat Zelda
  4. Go to a movie

The list seems perfectly doable and I plan to complete every one.

Being on the brink of change is not hitting me how I thought it would. I thought that I’d feel not ready and totally against leaving. I’m something close to it, but not quite because I feel totally ready to go. I have no reservations for my classes or the audition or anything. The thing I’m most worried about is leaving and losing people. Most notably, my Alaskan friends, and here’s why.

On Monday, a plane headed to Dillingham collided with the side of a mountain and killed five passengers. The one that has gotten most if not all the publicity is former Senator Ted Stevens (longest serving senator in U.S. history). The one closer to me is Corey Tindall. I personally did not know her, or of her until the event. But my Alaskan friends knew her well, and have been rocked by her tragic passing.

This has event has placed within me a great feeling of disconnect. I’ve completely lost touch with my Alaskan friends. I had planned to see them in June, but due to a tight rehearsal schedule I was unable to follow through. This wasn’t the first time I fell through with plans. I had planned to see them way back in December again. The funds didn’t follow. I planned to surprise them all at their prom. The funds could have been there but, again, an inflexible work environment kept me from seeing them. When I first moved, I’d have hours long conversations with them on the phone or the now archaic MSN Messenger. I suppose it is only natural to grow apart, and with that part I’m slightly not  as upset by. What does bother me is a lack of coming together, to bring everything full circle so if we all grow apart I can put it to rest satisfied.

You know what I need? A CROSSROADS MOMENT!!!

Does the guy come with the rental?

If you haven’t seen the touching coming of age story starring Britney Spears, go and buy it and watch it and love it. In a nutshell, it is about this group of best friends who grow apart, but then at senior prom come together for one last awesome road trip that unifies them before they go their separate ways. Just thinking about it now gets my heart racing with excitement at the perfection of this act. If only I could have pulled it together before I had seven days left.

All might not be lost. My freshman year in Alaska, my friend group was named the Freshman Five. How great do you think a nationwide road-trip at the end of our freshman year of college would be? And so the planning begins…

Stay Tuned,


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