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No Country For Old Cars

August 12, 2010

The youngsters these days have no concept of history, and the respect thereof.

Ain't she purty?

I say this because as I was driving my 1985 Jeep Cherokee (standard gearshift, mind you) I had the roughest time driving in the city. Granted, 70% of my struggle was due to my meagre knowledge and mastery of the old vehicle that my mother says “needs a gentle and loving touch”. But the other thirty percent was from the other drivers who were unwilling to cooperate and make my job easier.

Example: When stopped on a hill, don’t sit an inch away from my back bumper. Wanna know why? I’ll hit your dumb ass when I roll back because I take first gear really slowly. I didn’t actually hit anyone today, but I was close.

Example: When I stall out in traffic, please don’t honk and add to my anxiety. I’m doing my best to get rolling. I don’t want to be stagnant just as much as you. I did do this one today. It was awesome. Everyone else had a different outlook.

I think everyone should learn how to drive a stick shift, or at least attempt to learn so they understand the difficulty. Kind of like a ‘respect your elders’ sort of thing. Oh god, I am getting old aren’t I?

Tune in next time,


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