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Well. This is it.

August 19, 2010

I had meant to write a heartfelt post before I left Texas, enumerating the reasons I loved and hated Temple and what I had learned and the experiences I would take with me.

As you can see, it didn’t quite happen. I think the reason is at least in part due to my refusal to acknowledge I was actually leaving. As I sit in my dorm room right now, I don’t think I’ve yet to grasp that this is more than just a roadtrip ending with return.

Speaking of my dorm room, it is nothing like I had expected, but I like it all the more for it. There isn’t a whole lot of free space. Silver lining: now I’m justified in not bringing my weight bar, not just fat and lazy. Also, closet space was more limited than anticipated, so some emergency adjustments have been made [I’m folding some shirts instead of hanging them…wait, what? Who does that?]. The bed is nice, the mattress is fancy (one side firm, one side soft. Best of both worlds), I even have a (mostly) full size mirror to make sure I don’t look like a bat from hell when I leave in the mornings.

Attempted artsy room pic. I'm edgy

I have a couple things I need to remember to bring next time. Like more hangars. And more gym shorts (bought another pair, started out with one. BAD IDEA). Also, when you bring a mini TV that you put up high with little buttons on the top that are hard to reach, remember the remote. So I expect a lot of these items in the first package I receive.

I met my roommate Hamad today. To be completely honest, I was a little worried about having a roommate from a foreign country [Kuwait]  because I’m bad with language barriers and when you throw in the fact that we’re strangers, it’s rough. But when I met him today, he was really sweet and nice. I would ask him for a pic to post but he’s super popular playing frisbee with the other International students. Maybe he’ll get with with that kid from Russia… I kid. Mostly.

So yeah. That’s where I am today. Today was slightly awkward because nothing officially happened today, the orientation stuff starts tomorrow. So that’ll be cool. I’ll hopefully meet some friends. This’ll be interesting.

Stay Tuned,


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