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Just Great

August 25, 2010

I’ve been here for a while. I haven’t had much time just to myself with all the welcome week activities and orientation sessions. But I’ve got this little lunch break today until class at two, so I figured I’d give some updates.

College, thus far, has been both so great and slightly terrible. I’ve been meeting so many great (and not so great) people and classmates. I’ve been going to so many great (and not so great) social functions. This experience is really unique. I’m having troubles expressing what I feel.

Well, let’s start with friends. It was one of my main worries. For a while I was really paranoid about friends. Like, I was worrying every second about hanging out with people. And not only just with people, I had this bizarre idea in my head that I had to be hanging out with the right people. Complete baloney (I know how it is supposed to be spelled. It is repulsive. This way is normal). My new attitude, which I feel has actually worked better as well as made me feel better, is to not care about it. I just am super friendly with everyone and am no longer afraid to speak my mind. Well, not completely yet. I mean, I have to be really good friends with someone before I pull out my Rosie jokes I feel. But I’m on the right path.

Also, I can’t say enough how much I like Hamad. Also: I don’t think he has to leave anymore!

Also, I have been to certain…….umm… functions already. They have also been great. The not so great part was a couple nights ago when the…..ummmm….social function…… had some repercussions that followed me home. So I did not feel so well at that part. But otherwise it has been great.

College also provides great opportunities on the love line. Well, more aptly lust line. There are plenty more options here and with hormones on high from newfound freedom, it’s fun to watch almost strangers become like super close. I have yet to find if these will last beyond August, but we’ll see I suppose. I have had a half great experience so far. But I’m not one to kiss & tell…

So yes. Great things going on. If you are worried about me, don’t be. At least until I start my laundry.

Tune in next time,


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