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August 27, 2010

Time flies in college!

I’m not quite sure of what to write. Last night was my first late study night. I read Gilgamesh and my Latin textbook while the GLLC (Global Living & Learning Community) watched Disney’s UP across the room. Only slightly distracting.

I woke up late again, but this time I was on time and looked a little more composed. I need to figure out this whole alarm situation, because it clearly isn’t working with the current system. My mom is shipping me those mini toothbrushes that are meant for on the go. That’ll be a good damage controller, but not a preventative measure. I’m thinking of using two alarms. Hopefully that won’t piss off my roommate.

Speaking of which, I am really sad to say that Hamad will be leaving after all. They weren’t able to make the necessary arrangements, so he is transferring to a school in Ohio. It is weird because I haven’t seen him all day. His stuff is still here, but I anticipate he will be leaving shortly. I hope to keep in touch in some form or another.

I have Assassins callbacks tonight. Wish me luck! A more thorough recap of the whole experience will come later in a post all to itself. Be excited!

Stay Tuned


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