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Something Just Broke

September 2, 2010

Oh, how the cosmos finds ways to take something, twist it with excruciating irony, and fling it back at you.

The rehearsals are well under way, and for my first foray into college theatre I will be photographer/secret service/Artie Bremer in Assassins. What I just did there was write so I seemed important even though I’m just in the ensemble.

At least the psycho I play is handsome

Let’s be real here for a second: I wanted to be the Balladeer really badly. But in retrospect I’m glad that I’m not. See, this may or may not be defensive rationalizing(I can’t tell myself), I feel that had I gotten that part, I’d have been happy, but at the same time overwhelmed. This is my first semester at college and I right now have not had a cake walk keeping up. Just thinking about heaping up the responsibilities that come with a bigger part on top of what I already have, I take a deep breath and am thankful I don’t have to deal with that.

So, being in the ensemble, I get to sing in Something Just Broke. Which, coincidentally, was the Group Musical entry that beat out our clearly better and more awesome opening of Bat Boy. We would then make vulgar and offensive parodies of the song (SJB). In my defense, part of the reason we bashed on it so hard was because of how poorly it was done. Seeing and performing now with the sheet music, it just further exposes how bad they were. They used guide notes the whole song, never once did they do harmony, and half the voices were so weak they were inaudible in the theatre. But it had ’emotional impact’ and ‘dramatic staging’. You know what I say to that? F*ck it. We were better then, and now our college ensemble is doing it better as well, so they can dig a hole in the ground bury themselves in it.

Bitter Betsy has left the room.

But to be real, I’m really excited for the show because I think it will be really really good. My parents might even get to come and see it, which is a major plus. We have the first day of blocking tonight and I’m really pumped!

Tune in next time,


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