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Late Night Laundering

September 6, 2010

I write this to keep myself awake while I wait another 17 minutes for my last load to dry.

Things I have learned from $.25 laundry day:

Well, nothing really, only that if you leave your stuff unattended, people will take your laundry out for you and put it on the table. So make sure when you are washing your ‘delicates’ load that you KNOW when it ends. Or someone will be all over your underthings. Not that it happened to me. Just this other girl whom I don’t know because, had she been present, it wouldn’t have happened.

I was filling the time by reading M. Butterfly for class tomorrow. Then I finished it (very good by the way). Then I did my Latin studying. And took out the trash. And did the dishes. Now I have nothing to do and there are still 13 min to go.

The kimono is dry-clean only

Biggest lesson: Start laundry earlier in the day if you have an 8 ‘o clock lecture on the book of Genesis in the morning. Like me.


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