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I Want It This Way

October 12, 2010

The funny thing about living in the real world is that you do things. Many things. When you want to. It is all very silly in my opinion.

Thus, I’ve been very busy doing and not doing things all because I want to, not because I have to. For example, this weekend for fall break I drove up to Chicago to visit my friends that go to the theatre school at DePaul University. I planned it all out and budgeted it myself(though, the next trip will need to be better financed). Very adult of me, in my opinion. My friends can attest to this, as in several locations around the city (Millennium Park, Lincoln Park, the ‘L’, Lake Michigan, the Loop/Downtown, this Starbucks) I have said in awe, ‘This is real life guys! I’m not here chaperoned for a trip! THIS IS REAL LIFE!’



I think the part of this trip that has had the most profound effect on me is the entire normalcy of everything. For instance, yesterday the friend I’m staying with had class at 9, so I had to leave with her because I didn’t have a key to lock up with if I were to leave later. We both got up, got ready like we would any other time, left and got on the ‘L’, she got off at her stop, I left on mine, and life went on. It was so natural feeling that when I had a free moment to think about the day, I was amazed. Had I really just navigated myself around the city by myself without getting mugged? How am I not begging for change outside the McDonalds? Ok, maybe I did consider that last one, but it didn’t happen, I assure you.

I’m leaving shortly. I’m actually waiting here for my friends to pick me up so we can head on down the road. We would stay longer (believe me, we want to stay longer) but unfortunately we have a lot of work [at least I do] that needs doing, and also I need to re-arrange my room AGAIN because Pin Lu arrives from China tomorrow. No, he is not an action figure I ordered from Beijing. He is a real living person. And my new roommate. So no funny business.

Anyways…So yeah. This place is great. And it feels great too. Part of growing up is realizing college won’t last forever, and I think I may have just found my post-college destination. Which is a great feeling, by the by.


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