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The Path Is Dark But Full Of Diamonds

October 18, 2010

There comes a time when all must stop and examine themselves with uncompromising, brutal honesty. The purpose of which I feel is to asses the path that is being traveled on. Does it still lead to where I want to go? How challenging has the path become?

This is one such moment for me, reading the Qur’an at 2 am while one friend is working her hardest to help the other understand principles of accounting for an upcoming test.

What are we doing here?! Not only that, but why do I constantly find myself in this position? For my three readers (I gained one in the past week. No it isn’t my mom. I’m still working towards her), I ask to think back on many previous postings on this topic (uh oh. Broken record or….?). Well, I’m sick of it. What can I do?

I’m trying to think of everything that I did today. I woke up, met Pin Lu, went to brunch, showered. Ushered for the show after that, had some essential talks with some people, had dinner, started studying, went to directing scene. And now I’m here.

Granted, I didn’t work at every moment of the day. During each transitory period between the actions stated above, I chilled in my room for anywhere between five and thirty minutes snacking on Skittles and blowing time on my laptop. But for me at least, I can’t work every moment of the day, my personality as it stands doesn’t mesh with strict regiments. I’m not an automaton like some of my new classmates. [I hope they aren’t reading this]

So. I have two options. Find time or make time.

Finding would be the easiest way, but the most impractical. It would mean there is time I am not utilizing and have not realized that fact. The only time I think fits that category is before I wake up. And we all know how precious sleep is to me.

So I must make time, which to me is taking time I’m already using for something else and converting it to homework time. I’m guessing Perez Hilton is going to be getting a lot fewer hits now…

Ultimately, this path I’m on isn’t easy with many distractions along the way. But it is one that I want to be on. And to make it work, sacrifices have to be made.

The longer I go on like this the less sense I make. World Cultures is coming early tomorrow.

This post was boring. Don’t read it.


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  1. Alex permalink
    October 19, 2010 12:28 pm

    IM YOUR THIRD READER!!!!!!! Also, I hope I’m not an automaton…….

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