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Mobsters, Demons, and Bridal Stores

October 26, 2010

If you thought those were to be followed with, “Oh my!”, you were sorely mistaken.


I woke up on time for class yesterday. There’s a start. I, however, did not wake up for class following the last blog post. We only went to the library, so I’m not too bummed about that. But with each miss my participation/attendance grade slips lower and lower and lower….

Enough about classes. I hate that. College isn’t about classes or learning!


So this past weekend I ditched academia in exchange for….MAFIA!

The first rule of Mafia is that you aren’t supposed to ever talk about it. Whoops.

Basically, Mafia is this game where the entire theatre department splits up into families or are individual players and it is a somewhat contained free-for-all Italian mob style shoot out. Teams win for most points, most players left alive, and lastly most style points. It is so intense, the game is only played once per year. Super fun, right? My family is the Stone family. We are more Brady than Lucky Luciano.

Real intimidating, huh?

So that’s where I was last weekend. I fear that if I elaborate further, I’ll start next year off with a warrant out for my arrest from the start.

Mafia started Thursday at midnight, and ended sometime in the early morning on Sunday. I was killed on Saturday afternoon. After I was killed, I had very little to do. So what did I do?

Gym. Homework. Laundry. Like Jersey Shore, but more practical.

Yesterday, I had a free period before the choir dress rehearsal (more on that a little farther down the page). I decided to make the most of it and see a movie. Paranormal Activity 2

Let me just begin by saying that I’m not big on sequels, but this one was PERFECT. I hate spoilers, so I’m not going to say anything more except you should see the first one because the two weave into each other. Also, see it during the day so you don’t have to immediately sleep in terror. I really did like this one a lot, and I feel if they were to make a third (the end does leave room for another), it would ruin it. This was such a good end to it. SEE IT! But hide your babies.

Part of the reason I saw a movie yesterday was to distract my mind from tonight’s big show: the choir concert. The choir/music program here has given me a lot of issues that were hard for me to overcome. For instance, the concert dress. The fact that we needed to have tuxedos didn’t shock me, we’ve always had that for choir. But this time we had to buy them. Ok, fine, I get it. It is so they fit us right and can keep them afterwards. Awesome.

Wait… a tux is how much?!

So. I ended up finding this website that may or may not be a scam and I ordered a tux from it. When is it slated to come in? October 27th. When is the concert? Tonight, October 26th.

You can imagine my panic. After emailing the entire department about maybe borrowing one for the night and shopping around thrift stores, I ended up going to this bridal store with a tux section called “Tuxedo Avenue”. It was a real and legitimate place, guys.

The website looks like the cover of TigerBeat

After everything was said and done (no especially notable exchanges happened at the store) I had the most basic of basic tuxes for a day and $120 out of pocket. I think the price is just exorbitant. But again, I’m in college and everything is expensive to me.

So yeah. Concert tonight. I don’t anticipate it to be especially great or bad or anything. Nothing of note is coming up. Oh wait, Halloween! That is sure to be fun.

Stay Tuned,


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