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Halloween Hangover

November 3, 2010

I’m taking a moment to break from studying Latin paradigms to say: This week sucks some big ones, guys.

Rough day for pumpkins

Firstly, Halloween is over. No more magic or spooks. No more feeling witchy. No more feelings of excitement at the prospect of adventure. Nope. Now it is November. Halloweentown is closed off for another whole year. What could I look forward to in November?

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Elections

Well, I must admit I like Thanksgiving quite a lot, but the decorations associated with it are strange and I will never decorate any of my present or future places of housing accordingly. I’ll just stick to stuffing myself with stuffing and leave the Pilgrim memorabilia for grandma.

Election results are out today and again, this sucks. Most notably is the news that the three chief justices in Iowa who ruled same-sex marriage was legal back in 2009 did not retain their seats by getting at least a 50% ‘yes’ vote. I blame the National Organization for Marriage’s hateful judge-bus tour. Marriage is still legal, but it has sent the message to other judges that it is a risk to stand up for human rights and equality, which is a frightening thought: small special-interest religious groups from outside jurisdiction being able to sway in such a negative way. Also, Democrats lost majority in the House by a landslide and were able to retain the Senate majority only by a small margin.

I dont wanna get political (because I will), so I won’t write any more on that now. I get myself so caught up in things that I have no control over that I am forced to reflect on that one prayer that I would probably remember more of, provided that I stayed true to my Catholic upbringing.

You know, I think I have been getting caught up in a lot of feelings lately. I’ve been so wrapped in politics, Halloween, some personal stuff too. With reference to the previous three, and I think especially the last one, I’ve been getting caught up in all these active feelings. I want to make a political change. I want to experience Halloween excitement. I want to feel a personal relationship. But my overexcitement towards these topics is the reason they don’t happen (my survey professor would be all over this). I rush into all of them, and then once in, I’m not prepared for what it is I’m really experiencing. Ok, so maybe I am talking mostly about the personal stuff. I guess case and point is: my readiness is not up to par. I need to focus on letting things hapen rather than forcing them.

In other news, I hurt my knee in dance yesterday. My lipgloss was so popping, my knee went as well. I don’t think it is bad. I’ll survive.

I bet you were all DYING to know what/who I dressed up as for Halloween. If you can’t tell by the picture, something is wrong, and it is time for you to put the rock you live under on the market.

So I sparkled at night, deal with it

Tune in next time,



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