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Rain Man

November 17, 2010

I ask for cooler climates, and this is what I get:

It's wet

Ok, so in reality there is far less water and Filipino children, but for the past three days, it has been  raining. Yesterday would have been the worst day if I had no appreciation for the rain, but no. Yesterday was perfect. I got to sleep in because most classes were canceled, I watched some movies on Netflix, I warmed up in a blanket and some expresso and I knitted up a storm to echo the one outside.

I like the rain more than I think a lot of people do. Maybe it is because I grew up to my father jokingly calling me the Rain Man before I learned its derisive, yet sadistically humorous connotation. I think it is just so soothing and natural, which I find comforting in a place where even nature is becoming manufactured.

So yeah. Rainy days rock. Except now that I am faced with months more of this, I need to invest in rain boots to weather Indiana’s monsoon season. (Wait…is it socially acceptable for boys to wear rain boots after they turn 13?) Hopefully the rain will start to freeze on the way down so as to blanket campus in snow. I am more than pumped for snow in my life again. It’ll remind me of Alaska and everything left behind.

Maybe that’s why I like the rain so much. Indiana in October/November resembles Alaska in August/September. It has been really strange how sometimes I’ll get these pangs of memory just from slight smells or feelings or sights. It’s great. It has gotten me all geared up for Thanksgiving and seeing my family again. However, our plans to stay at the Bass Pro-Shop Lodge in Branson, MO have been overridden by my mother, who insists we stay with friends in Memphis, TN. Although I hate to miss an opportunity to visit the ever-exciting Branson, Memphis is a close second.

What am I talking about? Oh, yeah, rain. It’s got me going all over the place. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have a song called Raining Men. I’ve added it to the November playlist. Check it out.

Stay Tuned,


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