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Strep, My Old Friend

November 29, 2010


I woke up last night at 3AM to a dry nose and swollen tonsils, a pair I’ve grown quite familiar to. My tonsils are naturally very large, which in turn makes them susceptible to infection easier than others. I would get them taken out, but I’ve had them for so long and it seems a little late to do it now. Thus, I live with the consequences of living on the edge.

Days like today make me wish I was never born with tonsils.

Does anyone really know what they are for? When I was younger, I thought they acted like little arms that in a way grabbed food and swallowed it. I mean, I haven’t done much research s0 they very well could be used for that purpose, but in my elite collegiate mind that whole idea just seems preposterous.

Also, being sick in college by yourself is the pits. Usually my mom would come visit during her lunch break at work if i was home sick, but so far I’ve spent the entire day in my room catching up on Glee and trying to suffer through the pain of even just swallowing my own spit.

I should be headed out to get my antibiotics soon. I just hope they take some good effect before I perform for a directing class scene at 4.

Stay Tuned,


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