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Knitting; or, the Best Hobby I’ve Had in Years

December 2, 2010

A couple weeks ago I went back to Tea Time, a little non-party get together that the theatre dept. has every couple of weeks in which people drink tea and chill or work on homework.

I must admit, I went due in part to a) feeling down and unmotivated to go out with friends that night and b) I left my James Dean mug my dance teacher bought me at the house the last tea time I went to, and I had to have him, I mean it, back in my life.

The last time I went, there were many people and the intended warm relaxing atmosphere was clearly lost to me. This time, however, it was a much smaller group (my guess because of Midsummer tech rehearsals) and I liked it far more. But as I sat on the faux leather couch sipping my pomegranate tea out of Jimmy, I noticed everyone else in the room was preoccupied with something other than me.


Jealous, I asked my friend to immediately start me on lessons. Now I can’t stop. My knitting ambitions have soared with things I hope to be done by Christmas in order to give them as presents. I’ve saved a lot of money this year by promising to knit things for people. I think it is because they don’t care if it is ugly as long as it is made by me. The only issue is that I wasn’t taught how to end something that is knitted, or ‘bind off’ as they say in the craft world. As puzzling as it may be to you (as it was to me), my teacher friend doesn’t know either. So now I have an unfinished finished scarf, and I’d like to have it finished finished before I start another scarf. I have another friend who will teach me, so I’m not too worried.

My next project: mittens. Shouldn’t be too hard I don’t think.

Stay Tuned,


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