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PAI Week: Cheese Ball Bender

December 28, 2010


Definition: Post-Advent-Indulgence

Over the years, two friends and I have been fighting the good fight with our waistlines and beyond. Much of the fight has been in our food choices, and sticking to the straight and un-fried narrow has proven quite the task. However, there comes a time when allowances can be made, and PAI Week is one of them. PAI Week, by definition, stretches from the day after Christmas for a week. This means I still have today and five more days of uninhibited and reckless eating. However, this year especially, my PAI week antics have been at an all-time high. Starting off, I’ve had several PAI Weeks already. The first was around Easter time, and I justified it as a PLI Week (Post-Lenten- Indulgence). The next was at my birthday, as covered by earlier posts. The next was Thanksgiving, in which I ate just to eat — it’s Thanksgiving! And finally now, where my PAI week began the week preceding the actual holiday. So, as you can see, the fight continues as the enemy gains more territory.

But since we are in the war room (in which there is no fighting), let’s take a look at the data. Now I warn you, you are about to read some things which will shock and horror you, so proceed at your own caution:

  • Starting Weight: 215
  • Current Weight: 163
  • Goal Weight: 157

I’m sure if you look hard enough, you can find pictures of me from before the Fine in ’09/Thin in ’10 initiative began and have a good ol’ time laughing to yourself. but as the year draws to a close, a new name for this war is wanting…What word can be paired with eleven?!?

My anxiety over which all year has put the pressure on to finish it once and for all this year so I wouldn’t need a clever phrase to use all year to keep me going. However, maybe in an attempt to further qualify my progress or maybe in an open observance, I don’t think I need to finish this year at all. What’s more, I don’t think ‘being finished’ with something like this is ever possible.

After 1 1/3 years of being really health-conscious, I have learned that weight or whatever is really not something to stress about. Right now, I feel no different than I did this time last August. Well, maybe a little more comfortable, but still not quite there. And I think once I feel it, then I’ll know it’s right. And who knows? Maybe that’ll be tomorrow. Or maybe it won’t. But I’m in it ’til I get there. Right now, I feel fine. Just because the year’s almost up does not mean I’ll put down this cheese ball. It’s PAI Week!

Festive AND Delicious

I’m still not sure if I’ll ever feel ‘right’. This might be something I fight with forever, but that’s ok too. I hate throwing up too much to become bulimic and I love food too much to be anorexic, so there is no worry over unhealthy means of weight loss. I’m just gonna keep doin’ what I’m doin’ and see where I go from there.

Stay Tuned,


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  1. December 28, 2010 6:01 pm

    Great insight – just posted myself on how the “natural by-product” of healthy living is a healthy weight. There are naturally times we will “indulge in moderation” but it is key not to stress – rather “progress not perfection”. When you consider that it takes 3500 extra calories that are stored as fat rather than burned in keeping our bodies moving and working, planning moderate indulgences that maintain our current weight isn’t all that difficult.

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