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Great Expectations

January 16, 2011

If there’s one thing my mother taught me and taught me well, it’s Murphy’s Law. I think it is safe to say that this pessimistic ideology has shaped my current thinking and also has fueled my occasional claim to irresponsibility when things go awry.

But I’m not a true believer, I don’t think. I still have hope for many things. If the law was completely true, then all sorts of awful things would have happened. For instance, The Hobbit would never have started production. Britney would never have gotten not-crazy. So I still have a base in me that is founded in hope. Which leads into my disappointment when the law decides that it wants to be true for a change.

Recent events highlight this perfectly, and also in ways I wouldn’t expect. We have just gone through another rousing round of casting here at the university, and comparing the expected outcome to the actual outcome (god, I feel like Im back in statistics), the results are very interesting.

Case #1: Monologues

So in choosing monologues to use for auditions, I ordered some plays about a week and a half before I had to return.

Expectation: The plays would come in on time and I could use them for the auditions.

Outcome: The have still yet to arrive, and I have learned to now use 2-day shipping.

Murphy’s Law: YES

So I had to pull together some monologues at the very last minute, which leads to

Case #2: The Audition

Expectation: It would be at the very bottom of the ok list, but that I’d survive

Outcome: I feel it had the expected outcome, but others seem to believe it was good.

Murphy’s Law: NO

The outcome perspective from others kinda had my fears at bay when it came to

Case #3: The Callback List

Expectation: That I’d get called back to at least one show, and casting would go from there.

Outcome: I received zero callbacks

Murphy’s Law: YES

The dealing with my disappointment in a swift manner lead to

Case #4: Cast Lists

Expectation: Because I was not called back, I would not be casted

Outcome: I was cast in The Farnsworth Invention

Murphy’s Law:  by definition, NO, but in principle, YES

If the definition of the law was not confined to the worst happening and was more open to everything you don’t expect, it would be a clear inverse example of the law. Cases closed.

Now there  is one other case that I didn’t include above because it did not only include me.

Case #5: The Fun Prank

When hanging out with an upperclassman, I discovered on of my friends had gotten the lead as a freshman. Although I was supremely happy for her, I figured I could get some fun out of this. So I sent her a vague text saying she was cast in an altogether different show to shake things up when she really did see the cast list.

Expectation: She’d receive the text, be happy she was cast, then become even more happy that she had gotten the lead

Outcome: Instead of being happy she was cast, she became really upset, depressed, and disappointed because under my cruel and vicious lie, she didn’t think she had done enough to earn what she wanted. When she did see the callback list, on top of the joy she was feeling, she also found room in her heart to decide to hate me temporarily for playing such a harmless trick on her.

Murphy’s Law: for me, YES, for her, DEFINITELY NO

So Alex, I apologize for playing a kind hearted prank on you. I’ll see you at yoga on Tuesday.

So I clearly have no inkling of what’s to come.

Stay tuned,


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  1. Alex permalink
    January 16, 2011 3:02 pm

    Ahhhh fuck you. You make me sound like such a drama queen: “She became really upset, depressed, and disappointed because she thought she didn’t have the lead.” You askewed this story to ridiculous proportions……

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