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Hodge-podge of Happenings

March 16, 2011

Ay yai yai! (sp?)

So long has it been since last I updated you all! (Read as: my mom)

Since last time, I have done a multitude of things, which I will try to concisely sum up here, in no particular order or importance.

I watched the Grammys. Yet again, I was shafted by the Academy of Recording Artists, but never fear, I will take them by storm! Eventually….

Britney’s new music video premiered and I liked it a lot.

Born This Way birthed onto the scene.

Ok, lemme stop here for a moment. You can know all of this information by simply following my twitter by going to That way I can save time and space from boring my clearly devout readers. (Read as: my mom)

I’m trying to think of things that would seem halfway entertaining that I haven’t already said before…. Oh! there was Road Trip weekend! Roll the tapes!

So, Road Trip weekend is something that my University does to up the flow of recruitment. For one weekend of the year, they send buses out into the world to pick up prospective students (and I think a few homeless people), bring them to campus, and experience life here. What I wasn’t anticipating is how stressful it would be for me.

I, out of the goodness of my black and frigid heart, decided to host one such prospective. It seemed nice enough, lending a bed to a student, showing him around, melding his mind and perspective on the university and the program. I was doing good works for once. However, little did my choir director let us know that the concert of our most obnoxious and long piece of music was also on that weekend.


So not only did I have to cater to my prospective student, but I also had to go to an excessive amount of dress rehearsals (one of which was on Valentine’s Day) for something I had very little interest or motivation in doing. Somehow I became an expert juggler overnight and pulled it off, and hey, I’m still breathing.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I think I did my first one really well. The Goof Troop made me a really nice dinner, and after I rushed home from dumb choir, I sat down and ate with him, and it was both really delicious and really thoughtful. Afterwards, we watched the 90s chick-flick classic, You’ve Got Mail, which we bailed on 3/4ths of the way through because it was so late and we had class the next morning.

Oh, what did I do for him for Valentine’s Day? I made him a trashy homemade card and bought him a trashy teen movie. Trashy is the new romantic, right?

A week after Valentines, the theatre department took a trip to Chicago. While I wasn’t able to visit with my CHI-Town buds, I certainly enjoyed myself. The plays that we saw were alright on average, brought down by a little play called Mary (it’s just a nickname…) and brought up by Chicago Shakes’ As You Like It. I also went to my first non-Britney concert. My friend and I took a cab out to this little bar in north Chicago and saw up and coming indie band Tennis. Look them up on iTunes, they’re great. Under the circumstances, Tennis was the best show of the weekend hands down.

Oh! I also filmed another movie!

I decided to volunteer and take part in a student film called “Skin”. This film will be significantly lower in budget to blacktino, so it will be probably really awful very indie. The trailer for it can be found here:


As you can see, I did not make the trailer.

But! I did make the trailer for the surefire blockbuster, blacktino! Check out the trailer, specifically the 1:46-1:47 marker, the right side of the scree, in a grey/navy striped shirt:


I can’t think of anything else I have left to tell you all (Read: my mom) that I’m not planning to put into another post,

So Stay Tuned!


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  1. Alex permalink
    March 17, 2011 12:37 pm

    I am not your mother. I would appreciate it if you acknowledged your one other reader on here….

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