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Throw Some Glitter, Make It Rain

March 25, 2011

I know that you all are anxiously awaiting pt. 2 of my Spring Break adventure, but I’m waiting to go to Walmart to get my pictures developed before I post, so you can see the stuff along with me!


To tide you over, I decided to break my number one rule in blogging and talk about my feelings.

Things could be worse. Things could be a hell of a lot better.

I’ve taken much to sleeping and eating in large quantities at a single time. If this were last semester I could try to hoodwink my new friends by telling them I have some wild blood in me, so I naturally take on hibernation-like living patterns.

I think that this is the most homesick I’ve felt during my college experience. Maybe because this feeds right into my escapist mind set. All that is waiting for me at home is my two sisters and Harry Potter Clue with some microwaveable chimichangas.

Today at rehearsal I was talking to a friend and it occurred to me that I would like nothing more at this very instant than to crawl into a seaside cave, freeze time, die, come back to life whenever I feel like it, return to Evansville, and then unfreeze time. The only thing left that I need is my potato peeler for when I get hungry.

I’m starting to stress about getting a job this summer. I’ve already applied to three places. Let’s hope I can make it work.

Like many others, I think I’m just waiting for that sign that says to me, “it’ll all be worth it”. I’m hangin’ in there, though, don’t you worry.

Lastly, the Goof Troop decided to call things off. I forgot that Disney has a thing against gays anyways.

Maybe I could turn this post into some edgy, Avril-esque lyrics. Send ’em my way if you succeed.

Stay Tuned,


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