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In Which I Whine About Getting Older Yet Again

March 31, 2011

I know you’re all so impatiently waiting for the much-hyped, desperately anticipated post about my A-List adventure in NYC over spring break. But my A-List disposable camera has yet to be developed, as well as my replacement debit card with which I plan to pay. So bear with me. Don’t rush a star.

Other than whining about my feelings, I decided I should report on what is actually happening in my my life. I started rehearsing this mammoth show before Spring Break, and we open next week, which equates to about four weeks of production process. Yikes.

I don’t remember if I stated it before, but I have viral spring fever and it is flaring up big time. So while once I arrive at rehearsals I get excited about the show, before and towards the end of rehearsal, I really take a drop in motivation. What do you want to do instead, you ask? Watch videos of red pandas:

Yeah, I know. Definitely a better use of my time.

I sort of wish that this semester were over already, but when I look back on it, it flew by much much faster than last semester, and I don’t really know why. It scares me to think that already a quarter of my college life is so close to being over. My first year has been bookended by shows. While it is a nice sentiment, it barely feels like Assassins was that long ago. Talking with upperclassmen has been anything but comforting, sharing with me the fact that it only gets faster and faster. GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! I WANNA BE YOUNG FOR EVA!!!!! Good thing I’m Edward Cullen. Phew.

But really. I don’t like this prospect. While being a sophomore will be cool and all, as a freshman I had an excuse to be bad at things. Now I have to account for my own mess ups and shortfalls without the umbrella of  an ‘adjustment period’. That’s no fun.

AAAAAAAND, this summer will hardly be a break, as I acclimate myself to being an adult. I have to get a real job this time, for serious, AND I’ll be doing an awful community show for scholarship money. This is while some of my other friends will be doing countless fun shows in other cities in a brash orgy of successful theatre networking. All work and no play means Cinderella is left frumpy in Texas all summer.

But, I shouldn’t fear that this summer will completely mark my adulthood. Those crazies can’t make me put away all my childish things! My mother is 1. awesome and 2. having a little bit of empty nest syndrome (even though I have two elementary aged sisters still at home), so she LOVES allowing me to pretend like I’m five (provided that I actually get a job this summer). So, she has signed on to buy my sisters and me a 1000+ piece Lego set of the Hogwarts castle. Pretty nifty. SO my sisters and I will be working on that all summer, hopefully with a new Zelda game to beat as well. *wink wink*

But before I get to summer, I have to get through this show and the end of the semester, so I’m going to go and start getting ready for rehearsal…

Stay Tuned,


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