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Chicken and OJ

May 16, 2011

Look at what I do when you force me to be creative!!!!

oh….s*** gets done…

Sorry for never writing anything, dear readers. I’ve been doing nothing so busy since coming back to town. I’ve met with two several friends already and have submitted three countless job applications to become a productive member of society. There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to play Harry Potter video games do everything, you know? Oh, I knew you would. Thanks for being so understanding.

To be real for a quick sec, not everything that happens in my life I feel comfortable uploading to the web for all those pedos can see. I mean, at least not anymore. We all had Myspace, right?

But! Something that is fun and cool that I did was go to Austin and hit up the nightlife! Yeah, I’m so fresh AND so clean.

It all began on Friday. You gotta get down on Friday, after all. I packed up my bag, got my bowl, got cereal, picked a seat in my car (the driver’s-I’m not quite so cool to have someone rive me), and left my room a mess. I unpacked everything(-1 box) from college to get clothes for the trip and decided I could clean it all later. I still probably can wait til later. The highway wasn’t so drab. The last time I took the trek on my own, I was making $1 starring in a movie. Driving down the road gave me some flashbacks to cruisin’ at 7 AM, but this time I had better music, better clothes, and a better plan for fun.

As soon as I got to my friend’s place, we sat on the couch and started watching ANTM on Oxygen. If you don’t know that acronym, then I am very confused as to how you are the type of person that would read my blog. You know how television channels sometimes play commercials more than once? Like, they play the same ad twice? They do, I promise! Anyways, they kept showing this ad where yellow-orange liquid was being poured into what I would learn to be a sippy cup for toddlers and babies and, if you’re me, those times where you want to be lazy and fall asleep with your drink. Anyways, it ended up being about something along the lines of lead paint killing babies blah blah blah. The important this is that it made me really really want orange juice.

Later I saw a Church’s chicken ad and I knew I had to have it.

SO, as the day waned on and girl after girl was eliminated, I got really hungry for the two above things. I had already eaten my vegetables with Tonks, so by now I was really starving. I told my friend that I had to have orange juice and fried chicken and that I would settle for no alternative. Well, hunger really does things to a man and when I saw a Mongolian grill right off the bat, we stopped and ate.

We returned stuffed, satisfied, and likely catatonic in a food coma. So what did we do? We called our friend in San Antonio (whom I hadn’t seen since January) and tried to go swimming!!! The pool was closed. I wanted to go anyways, but the two of them thought it was a bad idea. Killjoys… So what did we do instead?!? We went to sleep.

The next day we woke up early and went out to do my first photo shoot with famed fashion photographer Von Tossey-Tussle. The photos are on the FB if you want to see. I’m not so self-masturbatory to post pictures of myself to my blog…… or am I?

I set that up to contradict myself and surprise you all with a picture, but when I realized how much work it would be to pull down and save and then upload the photo here, I gave up on the gag.

After that, we ate with Tonks and decided to give swimming another go. The pool was full of people at some sort of party. I can’t be sure if that was true, it is just the conclusion we came upon. So instead of swimming, we swung in our bathing suits because we are counter-culture hipsters. Then my friend was going to head out of town to see her boyfriend, but when that went through I decided that she shouldn’t waste dressing up like she did, so we went downtown instead!

6th Street culture is….well….a lot to handle. At least it was for us. We parked, ate some veggies, sprayed some good smells, and emerged into the city. We walked down the street, taking in everything and looking around. If we had tried, I think we would have been able to find some bars that we could get into or places to just sort of chill. But instead, we walked up and down only a couple times and explored the city. We got some pizza off the street, ran into the most bizarre of friends to run into, and decided to call it a night. Yeah, I’m so cool I walked up and down 6th street twice…. Hey, I like to think it was at least a good first step. Next time I might actually go in some place… I had this vision of running into someone at a bar and falling instantly in love and basing a sitcom off of how I met him, but alas, my friend had a boyfriend so that kinda stifled that dream.

And then I cam back home the next day and played LEGO: Harry Potter Years 1-4.

I still want some good fried chicken and orange juice.

Stay Tuned,


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