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What’s My Age Again?

May 19, 2011

This is a warning: the following post may or may not be drab, unentertaining, and overdramatic. It is my best intent to avoid that, but I apologize in advance if it is.

Good evening. I’m David Sarnoff T. They say you shouldn’t tell your audience something they already know. Which is great becaise I doubt many of you have ever seen this:

Just keep that in mind for the rest of the post.

Summer is an opportunity for many to restart fresh and ready to put everything behind them in order to have a successful future. Or some people like me use summer to bum on their parent’s couch and play Wii all summer relax and recharge before whatever comes after summer.

Contrary to public belief, I plan to do many things this summer. Let’s take a look:

  • Go from X lbs. to X-30. I have to look extra hot and mysterious for new freshman to think I’m the coolest thing since Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.
  • Get an awesome job and make $999,999,999,999,999.99. Or just like 2 Gs. But at the very least.
  • Sit down and finally finish at least a couple songs and maybe do something with them. (WTF? Since when did that happen?)
So far, I have accomplished 3+(-3) things. But then again, I’ve been home a little over a week. And each thing is kinda big, broad, and nonspecific in how to go about it.
The first is the most in my control of the three. First semester I was so paranoid of the freshman fifteen that I had a negative freshman fifteen effect, which actually was kinda nice. But then second semester hit, and not only was I trying to prove myself to others considerably less, but I also started snacking like the world was ending for various reasons. So, all in all, I had a net gain of 0. Which, by my standards, isn’t the worst I could have done. But now is the time to tackle both what I gained back and what I still need to lose from before. I work best with a specific plan of action. What have I done so far? Well, I just got a warm and inviting plate of pizza rolls out of the microwave. Don’t mind if I do….

But seriously, so far I have planned a Dreamgirls proven detox, a triathlon, and so far no fasting while singing and rapping.

As for the second, I can’t control this as much as the others. Sure, it is up to me to present myself well, but like my dad says (or, as I imagine him saying) “don’t blame the line if the fish aren’t biting, sometimes it is just the spot.” I could sit here and complain about not getting a job, but then what good would that do?  I’m hoping for this thing at the Home Depot. But really, I’ll do anything, and I mean it. ANYTHING. You know what I mean. If any of you have any leads or anything, feel more than free to let me know. It is mostly so imperative this time because I owe so much money to my mother already from various things (including my pilgrimage to the Holy Land in July), on top of the fact that college made me a free bitch baby, so I want to do a lot of other recreational things this summer. Things that cost money. That triathlon registration fee is $55 alone, and I think I should pay for some training classes as well. Gas is getting super expensive too, so getting to places more fun than here is getting harder. So the pressure is ON!

And I keep thinking that if only we were in an anarchy without money dictating what I do, none of this would be an issue and all parties would be happy. Wouldn’t that be swell. Just saying, guys…

The last thing is the hardest of the three because I have so many reservations about it. I am less relaxed in writing music than with anything else because I think I am starting to care about it more. Which is totally weird because I haven’t had any experience or talent in the craft. I have a friend who is only seventeen, but she is well on her way. You can check her out here and here. She has a single coming out soon, so check that out! I bring her up because she shows so much promise and I don’t see much of it in myself, and then the argument of  “do you do something because you love it even if you aren’t good at it?” comes to my mind and I get all sorts of conflicted and hard on myself. So I have a plan(ish). Next fall I’m going to work hard on learning to play piano. So until then, I think I’ll just keep on writing what I can. And no, none of you are allowed to read any of it. It is locked away in my password journal anyways, so good luck trying. Of course, the whole process could be expedited if I went to the X Factor auditions in Dallas next week. But until I have a clear idea of what I want to do with my life, I don’t want to close any doors. And as many as would open with an experience like that (providing I don’t end up on the loser reel), it would close me off to everything but that.

So. Much. Stuff. Is it unre

sorry, Mkgzy maddi judt jumped on thw laptop. gotta pwy ND LOVEXZAwqsdddsssssssssss

Sorry. Where was I? Oh right. Is it unrealistic to expect to accomplish all three? I mean, I am calculating it all based on relative, not absolute gains. But really. I think it would be awesome if I did. Sometimes though all I wanna do is run away from everything into the wilderness and live in a hippie commune not worrying about or answering to anything. But my friends say I should act my age.

What’s my age again?
(19, for those of you who were wondering)


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  1. Alex permalink
    May 29, 2011 9:33 am

    “And I keep thinking that if only we were in an anarchy without money dictating what I do, none of this would be an issue and all parties would be happy. Wouldn’t that be swell. Just saying, guys…”


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