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Employees MUST Wash Hands; Not Customers

June 20, 2011

Before I get started, some items of business:

My pictures from NYC over spring break have finally been developed, but of course I have no idea where they are anymore. Dad said he’d pick them up but I forgot about it and I haven’t seen them, so all roads lead to their demise at the abandoned pictures counter of Walmart.

And then tomorrow my friend Mikah Young’s debut single goes on sale in the United States on iTunes. Tomorrow I’ll have a post all about her, so look forward to that.

Ok! Well, on with it!

I’m afraid this post might be similar to other equally as jumpy and not fluid. I have two big topics I wanna cover, so I’ll do my best to weave them together, but just a warning if it isn’t.

I got a real job! At a real place!

Making use of my degree in food services acting

I was thankfully offered a sweet gig at this local Japanese food place and last week I started my training. Where usually I hate the first day of everything because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, I was eager to show and do my best. It should be known that I’m a lazy-ass when it comes to things I don’t care for, but right now I’ll do anything that delivers me from Cutco. Nami is my Moses, parting the Paring Knife Sea and leading me towards the Promised Land Sushi Bar.

Never again will I deride that little box on job applications that asks if you can stand for long periods of time. I’m relatively young and relatively less healthy, but it was hard! I came home from my first shift and my feet were beat. Thank goodness I put my name on that foot massager my dad bought my mom last Christmas so I could use it. Also: I will never laugh at waiters dropping things anymore. On my very second day, I was among them. It looked sortof like this:

Ok, not really. But being my second day on the job, it felt a whole lot like it. What really happened was a clear example of Karmic Physics. The lady I was shadowing was worried I wouldn’t be able to carry all five waters on one tray on one hand over to the table across the room. HAH! What does she know, anyways? I mean, I’m training at a prestigious acting school to hopefully earn my degree in cater waiting acting which involves dance which involves balancing of course, and maybe her tiny-Korean-woman arm couldn’t handle it, but my slightly average beefy biceps and triceps would make it no problem. But no matter how big your biceps are, they will always fall victim to Murphy’s Law. If it can go wrong, it did, and after successfully placing two waters on the table, the remaining two on the tray Kamikaze-d in a frigid waterfall between two patrons (thankfully not on). But my alarm at those crazy glasses made me forget my hand was holding the fifth glass and released it, dropping it onto the table, slightly capsizing it and having water flow over the top. Horrified, I retreated and got a towel while my shadowee(?) apologized for me and explaining I was new which made me feel just LOADS better. And of course that was my last day of training for the week, so I walked away from this new experience thankful it was delivering me from Cutco, but wondering if I was delivered into some new sort of under-cooked hell.

So I went into this weekend considerably down for a variety of reasons. I went to ATX on Friday with my friend, and while the cupcake man was noticeably beefy and delicious (the cupcake was good too), the bright weather was not reflected in my mood. Talking to her about all my junk was good to get it off my chest and to realize that she had similar junk, it just reinforced my blahhness over the fact that the junk exists anyways. So I talked with my mom about it over breakfast tacos yesterday and I forget the details, but I’m pretty sure out conclusion was something along the lines of taking it a day at a time. After we returned home I was about to sit down with HP7 and a tall glass of chocolate milk when we received an invitation to go over to our friends’ pool for a late night party. I was originally against it because I am lazy and Harry, Ron, and Hermione were stuck inside the Ministry, but I agreed.

It ended up being a blast. After four three margaritas I was feeling good and confident for our tri-family water volleyball tournament. Our first roster was myself and both my parents. Our first opponents were ruthless. It turned into this:

And instead of Ben Stiller, it was the other team, and instead of the girl, it was me. And instead of just once it was over and over again. But there was no blood except the bad blood brewing in my psyche. But we pulled out victory despite injury and ended up winning the Gold.

Got my gold medal, y'all...peace

And besides winning, I had a really good time just being with my family and friends. I think I’ve learned that finding happiness is a lot easier when it can be anywhere. We had great snacks and drinks that we made ourselves and it didn’t matter that I was in Texas or that people are writing racism and hate into our legislation. That pool was my own form of paradise away from everything and it was good.

So taking it one day at a time, Saturday was good. Today I didn’t do a thing so it was AWESOME, and tomorrow I’m skipping a business meeting to do more nothing. Then Tuesday I return to training.

Stay tuned!


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