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No Speak Americano

July 8, 2011

I’ve written like three different openings to this post but none of them have been good enough. So I apologize as I just jump right to the chase. I also apologize for not posting much. To be honest nothing really exciting has happened that made me think to update, so this might also be a little jumpy.

Last Saturday I ran a 5k with my manager at Nami. I did it in 26:53, so not bad, but certainly not my best. I was confident that it would propel me to continue on exercising and the like and kicking off my fit summer again, but here I sit on my couch. It has been almost a week and I haven’t done anything really. But I’m supposed to run one tomorrow, again with my boss. This one costs money, and so I’m not so sure I’ll do it…I need to save my money!

Speaking of money, I picked up my grandma from the local senior center today when she was done quilting and she pointed out to me that I have little over a month of summer left….like, wut? I was supposed to make majah bank this summer. I haven’t counted all my earnings yet, but I’m pretty sure it is under 1,000. So. I gotta hustle hard. And make a ton of tips. And while I’m talking about tips, let me tell you all something. Because I’m expected to make like, at least 15% tips, they don’t pay me minimum wage. Like, I get like $2.85 an hour. So if you come to my restaurant and you tip nothing, I will hunt you down and kill you. I’m serious. And yes, I’m talking to you, Mr. Cowpoke who ordered $95 of sushi and tipped $3. You will be my first horcrux. I’ll place that part of my soul into a thing of soy sauce so you can think about what you have done for all of eternity.

Work has been nice. I’ve gotten a lot better at it and I haven’t been stressing as much. My coworkers, while occasionally crazy, are really fun and easy to work with. Although, sometimes I feel like I’m speaking a whole other language  completely. I mean, it’s not just around them and not just because they speak Korean. One of the most fascinating things I have found about being immersed into a new group of people is how their vernacular is shaped, and how they interact. In the beginning stages I can usually fly under the radar and not have to worry about things, but after I get used to things, figuring out how to assimilate my usual way of being into the new environment is a little awkward. I think I have moved past the awkwardness with my coworkers, but it definitely existed and still does to a certain extent. But I suppose this is good preparation for when I go to Harlaxton because then I might be in situations where the people actually don’t speak English. So I guess it is time for me to become fluent in body language.

Sexy can I...?

Sexy can I...?

Also: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 is less than a week away. I’m already exploding with tears.

Stay Tuned!


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