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July 10, 2011

My grandma comes over to the house occasionally to hang out with us and fall asleep in our comfy chairs, but today she is watching the entire last season of American Idol on our DVR and skipping everything unless it is Scotty. Wtf has life come to?

My grandma fan-girling aside, today’s mission: Scottish accent.

So, as return readers know I’m in this lil’ dog and pony show called Salado Legends, an awful beautiful tale of the small town’s historical importance and inception. I play Andrew, the main guy and central Texas teenage heartthrob. Or at least that’s how I am envisioning him. Anyways, in the show, I am a fresh immigrant from Scotland who arrived in Galveston, TX, and sought out Salado: the Athens of Texas. Yeah, I think poor Andrew got his facts messed up. Because, not only did he probably pay more to land at Galveston than if he had landed in New York, but he also decides to fight in the Civil War…for the Confederacy. Yep. Shortly after arriving in America and knowing close to nothing about the Constitution or anything, he decides that the Union isn’t worth it and Texas rises supreme. Anyways, he falls in love with a girl at school but they waltz and get in trouble because of how raunchy we all know waltzing is and he returns from the war to her loving arms and live happily ever after in Salado, Texas. Oh yeah, spoiler. And this is how I’m spending my summer. I put myself through it for the money. Feeding the capitalist machine. (Emma: NOOOOOOOO!!!)

I’ve been looking for some historical photo of Salado to use, but apparently the Athens of Texas had yet to figure out cameras. So enjoy this:

Our set, which also doubles as the set for 'A Christmas Carol'

Something that the director has asked me to try to do this year, along with the horrid dances and archaic political ideas, is a realistic Scottish accent. Makes sense. The character is fresh from the boat, so his speech should also be. But as I sit and try to diagram my lines according to IPA and stretch out my mouth, I am filled with a ton of apathy. Why should I put forth leaps and bounds more effort than most of the rest of the cast combined? There are those in the show with me who are my friends who actually show up on time and try to get work done at rehearsal in the time it is scheduled to be done and they’re great. But the other day, rehearsal started an hour late. Yesterday, not only did we waste an hour mindlessly filling time with walkthroughs and talk, but over half the people didn’t show up. Their conflicts? I didn’t have a ride. I had a motorcycle convention. I don’t know how to tie my shoe.

The most frustrating part of it all is that most of these people have been in it since Salado was first founded, so you’d think they’d understand the concept of a grapevine by now. It is shocking how many people do the show every year and manage to never really improve. And from an outsider perspective, it is a little daunting. Is this how it feels when you step into a running show in the real world? Like you are full of creative energy, but because the show existed well before you, you can’t change anything and no one else puts as much effort into rehearsals? I understand this is nowhere near a professional level on any sort of scale. But I am finding it harder each rehearsal to try or really, even show up, because no one else seems to. But I can’t change that. All I can do is my best and try this Scottish accent. So in the meantime I’ll fan-boy all over John Barrowman and Jams McAvoy, but mostly John Barrowman:

It’s all for the show, people.

Stay Tuned,



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  1. Alex permalink
    July 17, 2011 3:40 pm

    Keep at it, Thort, I know how you feel. Also, every time you have an Emma reference, I fall in love with you a little bit more.

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