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LaMo (Lazy Monday)

September 19, 2011

Classes are cancelled. I’m waiting for a text from one of my favorite gingers giving me the ok to bring Lego HP over. Today is gonna be awesome!

Why are classes cancelled you ask? The Monday before the opening for a mainstage show all theatre classes are cancelled to focus all our collective efforts to finish the technical aspects of production. What makes this CoMo so much better is that since the cast has a whopping three people total with minimal set, I don’t have to do anything. And classes are still cancelled! Everything’s coming up roses!

So….uhhh….What do you do on a day like this? I haven’t had a free day since being back. Sure, I’ve had weekends. But even on every weekend I’ve had something to do on each day. Lego HP will be fun, but I can’t play it all day. Well, I probably could. I’d only have no friends afterwards. I could bug people who have things to do today, but again I’d have no friends afterwards. I could eat because I’m bored, but I’m so miserafull from last night I don’t know what to do with myself. My stomach has been subject to some sort of biowarfare hidden among the cinnie-pie from Papa John’s. What to do….

Expertly laced into the icing, Formaldehyde slowly seeps...

I think I’m going to end up just letting fate decide, to guide these lives we lead. Even though I love planning things out because I feel secure once I’ve made one, I want to slowly ween myself into being able to calmly and comfortably improvise plans. I’m thinking that will make abroad next year more fun and less stressful. There is some profound quote that’s like “A true traveller has no destination” or “has no plan” or something like that. And by god, if I’m not a true traveller, at least I’m a true adventurer. So whatever happens today will happen. Classes are cancelled. Happy CoMo to me!



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