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August ’10

Just because it is the first of the month doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have a playlist. I browsed the top 200 songs on iTunes (of both the US and UK store) this afternoon and made the following first cuts for August:

  • Stuck Like Glue – Sugarland ; I have always loved this country duo, mostly because they are more pop-like than most others. p.s. I’ve actually been to Sugarland, TX 🙂
  • Touch – Natasha Bedingfield ; I first heard her sing this on SYTYCD (she knocked it out, too) but I had forgotten about it until I saw it way down on the list, I believe in the 180’s. It astounds me this song hasn’t gotten much more exposure because it is quite good.
  • The Only Exception – Paramore ; I jumped on the bandwagon like everyone else, and love this new single. It’s a lot more mellow and happy than their previous singles, but the change isn’t bad.
  • Your Love – Nicki Minaj ; To be honest, I hated this song the first listen. But the second listen grew on me, and now everywhere I go, I can’t help but hum the, ‘da ba da ba dat da’, featured in the song.
  • Commander – Kelly Rowland [feat. David Guetta] ; It’s a shame Beyonce overshadows her past group member because most everything Kelly has made has been good. I first loved her song When Love Takes Over, and this one brings it even better.

Aug 4th – I haven’t been as avid a music sleuth as I usually am near the beginning of the month, but I have found:

  • Not Like the Movies – Katy Perry ; With every single she releases, I get even more excited for the album. This is a really nice ballad that I’ve been trying to shower-sing for the past two days.

Aug 11th – Today I have some oldies and a bunch of new ones!

  • Circle the Drain – Katy Perry ; As a part of her marketing her new album, Katy has been slowly releasing singles so that when the album comes around, everyone can do the ‘Complete My Album’ option, making the album cheaper on it’s actual release date. I think it is a brilliant ploy as well as this single is SICK!
  • Tightrope – Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi ; I fell in love with her on her song Cold War. Since it is VMA season, and this is nominated for Best Choreography, I caught wind of it and loved it. I love her style. She even has me wanting to read the Metropolis books.
  • Gimme Dat – Ciara ; No one can doubt this girl’s appeal. This is an instant club hit and I blast it in the car. It’s my attempt at riding dirty.
  • I’m in Here – Sia ; This song is beautiful. Hands down. It is so universally relatable and moving, everyone should give it a listen.
  • The Rocky Road to Dublin – The High Kings ; I have a place in my heart for Ireland and everything associated with it. So when it is an Irish folk band, to me it is an instant hit.
  • When I Say So – Britney Spears ; No, this isn’t a new single. In fact I heard a rumor that we won’t hear anything new for AT LEAST another year (GASP! =o). This was a track she recorded for her Britney album in 2001 that was recently leaked. It is definitely dated, but I love it.

August 27th – I downloaded Katy Perry’s new album, which is AMAZING, so I’ve been listening to that a lot. But as for the ones that are on the playlist, they are:

  • Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons ; Again, I’m on the down of my indie binge, and this song fits right in.
  • Broken Machine – Zowie ; Kinda like the Ting Tings, but from the southern hemisphere. This song is def a feel good song.
  • Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) – Katy Perry ; Total party song. It is perfect for any party or social situation, and no one can resist the urge to dance!
  • Peacock – Katy Perry ; Blatantly suggestive and dirty. Isn’t that why we love Katy?
  • I Don’t Wanna Dance – Hey Monday ; Sometimes described as a follow up Paramore (which, they kinda are), this girl rocks my face off. It is also free on iTunes! Cash in!

That’s it for August. Katy Perry dominated the list, but not without reason.

Check back for September!


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