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December ’10

So far the songs this month are either hardcore rap, chilling alt rock, or Christmas tunes. I’m really ok with all of the above.

  • Limit to Your Love – James Blake ; I guess this is a cover song, but I far prefer this to the original, done by Feist. It is far more contemplative and deep in my opinion.
  • My Only Wish – Jessica Simpson ; Say what you want about the Simpson girl, but this song is undeniably cute, which is my only criterion for pop christmas songs. I really appreciate the saxophone ‘DANUNANUH’ parts.
  • Gay Pirates – Cosmo Jarvis ; THIS SONG IS MY JAMMMMMMM!!!!! Seriously obsessed. It is really adorable and subversive in the way that it is a rousing pirate jig (major straight bait), yet it is about gay romance. This guy’s voice quality is also really awesome.
  • More – Usher ; The more I hear from this guy, the more strongly I feel he is the gayest R&B artist that isn’t gay. This is sure to be a dancefloor anthem
  • Castle Walls – T.I. feat. Christina Aguilera ; Similar in format to Love the Way You Lie, the two ping pong back and forth. Xtina’s vocals are wonderful. Haven’t decided how I feel about the rap yet.
  • The Way You Love Me – Keri Hilson feat. Rick Ross ; This song is so DIRTY! At the same time, it is ridiculously catchy. Beware: singing this in public will garner strange looks
  • Coming Home – Diddy feat. Skylar Grey ; Again, Similar to LTWYL (All three written by Skylar). I like the melody of this song, but again, not blown away by the rap.
  • Monster – Kanye West feat. every relevant black rapper & Bon Ivers ; This song is hotter than hot. I can’t get enough. Nicki’s verse kills it!
  • Wish List – Neon Trees ; Back to Christmas tunes, I LOVE THIS SONG! So cute, and for a while it was free on iTunes, which just sweetens the deal.
  • Higher – Taio Cruz feat. Kylie Minogue ; I like this song, but I’m not nuts about it. It gets a ‘B’ in my book. A good listen though.
  • O Children – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds ; This song was featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1. The only part that was shown during the movie was the last couple stanzas, and I didn’t realize how deep and inspiring the rest of the song was. I’m still musing over the profound lyrics and the meaning (WWII suffering?), but it is interesting to note how JK Rowling used Nazis as the basis for Death Eaters, and this song was chosen for the movie.
  • Rolling in the Deep – ADELE ; Girl’s back to the grind! This song fits perfectly with the remainder of her body of work. Keep it coming, I eat it up!

So that’s it. I sorta got home and went into musical hibernation. Check soon for January!


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