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July ’10

It is nine days into arguably my favorite month of the year and I have, coincidentally enough, nine songs so far on my July playlist. Let’s start:

  • Cold War – Janelle Monae ; This song has probably been on repeat for hours now. I love everything about it from the beat that makes you want to get up and dance to the vocals that draw you in and actually make you interested in what the song is all about.
  • Crossfire – Brandon Flowers ; I was a big fan of the Killers on their first album, but was not so entertained with their second album “Sam’s Town”. I find that this song by the aforementioned band’s frontman is a really nice return to what the band was all about. The music video is pretty rockin too.
  • Home – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes ; I was introduced to this song by my friend back in June, but it wasn’t on my iPod until this month. It is really simple and easy, a little indie for my taste, but the dialogue interlude is too endearing to pass up.
  • In Between – Wouter Hamel ; Picture Michael Buble, but younger, blond, and Dutch. Real jazzy and cool.
  • Understand – Darrelle London ; Canadian songstress that sings quaint little melodies on her piano. I had actually intended for it to be her song, Bad, but I was unable to find it to download.
  • Prima Donna – Christina Aguilera ; Gotta love this girl. This song is hot. I use it as a party-prep song.
  • Big Jet Plane – Angus&Julia Stone ; Brother/sister duo from Australia. Again, this one is a little indie for me, but I really like the tone of his voice in the song.
  • King of Anything – Sara Bareilles ; I have always liked her music, but I LOVE this song! The message is great, and the song is so catchy.
  • Bumpy Ride – the Hoosiers ; I have moderately listened to this band in the past and liked their songs a decent amount (look up Goodbye Mr. A) but when I heard this song, I knew they’d become one of my favorites.
  • Animal – Neon Trees ; This song is infectious. I can jam out to it for hours if I wanted
  • Come With Me – ceo ; This is a strange little song that I really like that was featured on iTunes as a single of the week. It was definitely a good choice.
  • Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri ; This song is beautiful, from the lyrics to the music. I hope more good stuff comes from this girl
  • Misery – Maroon 5 ; I Love these guys. This song fits right into their collection of hits and I can’t wait for the album to drop
  • Gettin’ Over You – David Guetta & Friends ; This song doesn’t get enough airplay I feel. I think it’s a great collaboration of great voices and beats.
  • Teenage Dream – Katy Perry ; This song is my favorite song in a long time. It may have something to do with how I hate growing up, but this song is my current (and I predict lasting) jam of the summer and beyond.
  • Secrets – OneRepublic ; I feel like a dork because I first heard this song on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (That movie ROCKED! by the way), but I like it a lot

Last Additions:

It’s the last day of the month, and at this point I will take this opportunity to include my guilty pleasure songs I was too embarrassed of to list before, and also one really cool song that I found a couple of days ago that doesn’t qualify for the August playlist.

  • Mirrors – Natalia Kills ; This song is the cool one mentioned above. I haven’t really had an adequate amount of time to really appreciate it and feel it out, but it’s definitely worth a listen.
  • Round & Round – Selena Gomez ; Spending time with my sisters this summer has lead to a lot of Disney channel watching, where I first heard this song. Then it was going round and round my head incessantly. Listen with caution: you will be addicted.
  • If I Had You – Adam Lambert ; To be honest I really did not like Glambert on AI, nor his album cover, nor his first two singles. But this song is really fun. The music video is terrible. But the song is a really good dance tune, sure to be played at my next party.

To be honest, I figure I should mention that I have pretty much been rocking to Avril Lavigne’s complete discography for the past month as well, but being that none of it is remotely new, as well as being overwhelming to list, I left it off from above.

So that’s it for July. A year ago today I started this monthly list, so it’s cool to look back at what I was listening to this time last year.


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  1. Rachel permalink
    January 9, 2011 11:26 pm

    Okay, I’ve said this before, but Adam Lamert’s cd, Take One, is totally worth a listen…”Castleman” is my favorite track, I do believe. Try it. You know you wanna. 🙂


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