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May ’11

Hello! This is late, but not as late as those last two. So be thankful in that, and in the fact that the Rapture did not take you so you can still read my top picks for May!

  • Written in the Stars – Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner ; I was determined to not like this song because I thought it would be forgettable. But there is no trying to rage against my anglophilia and my desire to become the first white gay mainstream rapper. But I doubt that that  is written in the stars or anywhere else for that matter (save my password journal).
  • Criminal Intent – Robyn ; I first heard this on a video of dancers auditioning (to it) for Britney Spears’ Hold It Against Me video. When I downloaded her whole discography the other day, I had this on repeat.
  • Helena Beat – Foster the People ; I have to warn you all, this summer I have taken a liking to indie/hipster/house music. This was free on iTunes and it fit the description before to an extent. If this is any indicator of how the rest of my summer will be, I’m excited to say the least.
  • Americano – Lady Gaga ; I have to be honest: I don’t think Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way is very good. I know, I broke a gay commandment, I know. I feel like it is too much a dramatic departure from what she is best at. But I LOVE this song. It is definitely the best on the alum and most like her old stuff. This song will most likely find itself on back on a playlist when I go abroad.
  • Save the World – Swedish House Mafia ; Who run the world? Not girls, Beyonce, dogs. Awesome crime fighting dogs. I caught wind of this song by its music video, and let me tell you, it is excellent. Go watch it for yourself. The song is great too.
  • For the First Time – The Script ; This song has had a tough history with me. I first heard it over Spring Break in New York City with my friend at the Stardust Cafe. As per usual, the wait staff snag some tunes, some good, some bad. When the waiter sang this one, it definitely fell, for me, into the bad pile. So when I started hearing it get radio play, I was shocked. I didn’t realize an actually good song was under the waiter’s bad Adam Lambert wannabe vocals. Aside from that, the lyrics of the song are actually very topical to today, and I think it resonates well with a lot of people.
  • Your Body Is A Machine – The Good Natured ; More indie! More UK! The Good Natured sound a lot like the Cranberries and Ellie Goulding. This song is going to get a lot of play at my social functions. And in my car. And everywhere I go.
  • The Edge Of Glory – Lady Gaga ; This is another gem from BTW. While, as wonderfully put by my friend, this song fails to really show what it feels like on a personal level to be on ‘the edge of glory’, it is a good tune. And it is perfectly placed to where I can sing it in the shower at the top of my lungs with no fear of voice crackings.
  • The Story of Us – Taylor Swift ; I find myself always hating on and fighting against every Taylor Swift album that comes out, and then months after the debut secretly downloading the whole thing and jamming for long amounts of time. This one is a fun one to sing and doesn’t involve any stupid girly cliches that I love she uses so frequently.
  • Good Life – OneRepublic ; I unknowingly heard this song first on my favorite movie of all time Easy A, and then most recently heard it on the radio and at the Billboard Music Awards. To be perfectly honest, the Billboard performance wasn’t very good. But the song is still good. Again, very applicable to the times.
  • Mean – Taylor Swift ; Everything from above applies here too. One of my best friends has been harping on me to like this song. The music video, as dumb and cheesy, won me over with it’s cute vignettes. And that guy who reads FASHION magazine in the locker room.
  • Coma Cat – Tensnake ; Remember me talking about house music? Here it is. I really have nothing to say on it because I am still not sure what it is. I just like it (whatever that is).
  • Bounce – Calvin Harris feat. Kelis ; More dace-pop/house music. But this time it has words. So, more normal, right? And, yes, this is the Kelis from Milkshake fame. If you don’t know what that is already, you are too young to be reading this and should not look it up either because you are too young to hear it. I know I was when I did.
  • Hello – Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette ; What is it with songs being credited to the dj these days over the vocalist? David Guetta has changed pop music I suppose. Anyways, this is a fun summer anthem that is super flirty and makes me wish I lived on the California shore going to awesome house/beach parties nightly and didn’t have to work ever and still got to see Britney in concert. Can’t I wish for 90210?
That’s all I got. It is the 25th, so I doubt I’ll have any more additions this month. Check back in June for a new playlist!
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