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September ’10

It is the second day of September (90210 day, coincidentally) and I have a handful of new songs for the playlist!

  • F*ck You – Cee Lo Green ; Possibly the song of the year, this song has everything. Catchy chorus, melody, everything! If not for it’s controversial title (and subsequent lyrics), I believe it would top the charts
  • Power – Kanye West ; Slightly old, I know, but I hadn’t quite gotten an appreciation for it until now. The song has a pulsing beat that works well with running, and the lyrics kinda pump you up too. I play it whenever I am faltering in my run.
  • Pearl – Katy Perry ; Have I said that I live for KP’s new album already? This song really tells a story and uses nice imagery and figurative language. Strange for a pop song these days.
  • Magic – B.o.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo ; This song is really happy. Therefore, listening to it is as helpful as kind words. Or Prozac.
  • Bed Intruder Song – Antoine Dodson feat. Kelly Dodson ; Viral video gone iTunes chart topper, how could I not listen to this song over and over? Also: I’m counting down til the release of the Mommy & Daddy Song!!!
  • ET – Katy Perry ; Another KP hit. More mid-tempo, less deep than Pearl. But still great.

One thing I’m hoping for is to add a new Britney song to this list! But I can’t control that, so I’ll just keep waiting.

So it is past the end of September now, but here is the last bit of songs I found:

  • Who Am I Living For? – Katy Perry ; So lots of Katy this month, I know… But the beat to this song is really good. If I ever do a solo concert, This’ll be one of the covers I do
  • Give A Little More – Maroon 5 ; Really love this song! It is sensuous without being overtly sexual, which I like, and it is really fun.
  • Dog Days Are Over – Florence & the Machine ; I liked her and knew of her way before, but when she performed this at the VMA’s and shocked everybody with her live performance, she earned her spot in my heart.
  • Tuff As Nails – Ultraviolet Sounds ; I’m only going to say one thing: not for the faint of heart.
  • Only Girl – Rihanna ; SWEET HALLELUJAH! Rihanna is making happy music again! and it is so GOOD! This is a hit, no doubt.

So no new Britney this month, who knows? Maybe October!


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